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Kylie Jenner is officially welcoming the spring with her jaw-dropping bag and shoe collection.

If there's one person we can trade our closet with, it's definitely the Kylie Skin founder.

In her recent social media post, the mother-of-one updated her 219 million followers with a sneak peek of her walking closet.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star obviously has a major thing when it comes to luxury pieces as she showed off some of her designer shoes and purses, varying from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and the celebrity favorite, the Birkin Bags from Hermès.

"13 days till spring," Kylie Jenner's Instagram caption reads, alongside a colorful heart emoji.

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According to People, the beauty mogul's closet is estimated to cost a staggering $1 million since the Birkin bag alone ranges between $20,000 to $30,000.

It can go as high as $400,000 with its ultra-rare Himalayan crocodile piece.

Aside from the classic bags, Kylie Jenner's bag collection also features rare pieces such as the white fury LV purse, heart-shaped Chanel shoulder bag, and a sequined billion-dollar bill clutch.

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Fans are Annoyed Over Kylie Jenner's Bag Collection

With her impressive designer collection, fans can help but drool over Kylie Jenner's closet; however, this also gained criticism as some think that she's insensitive for showing off these kinds of posts.

"Loving the color scheme sissss," one fan wrote.

Meanwhile, the second user commented a funny reaction and said, "DAWG, THATS MY WHOLE COLLEGE TUITION."

As for the third user, it appears that she finds her collection too eccentric. "I don't think I would pick one of those things, lol."

Unfortunately, others blasted the Kylie Cosmetics founder and pointed out that this is not the right time to flex her luxury pieces on social media.

"Great collection but probably not the best time to be flaunting your wealth when so many are struggling during this pandemic," an individual posted.

The same goes with another fan, who wrote, "We get it, we're poor Kylie."

Why is Kylie Jenner's Closet Worth $1 Million?

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With Kylie Jenner's net worth of under $900 million, per Page Six, there's no surprise that the 23-year-old beauty mogul can afford a walk-in closet worth $1 million.

Renowned interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, who has worked with the "KUWTK" star's multi-million Hidden Hills home, previously revealed to People the reality star's massive clothing and handbag closets.

At the time, he mentioned that Stormi's mom loves luxury pieces and has an eye for high fashion; hence, she has a separate closet for her everyday and workout clothes.

"There is a huge closet for her regular everyday clothes. Then she has a workout closet that is strictly for workout clothes. And then obviously there is a purse closet that is dedicated to her collection of incredible bags," he explained.

Moreover, the celebrity interior designer also shared that Kylie Jenner's bag collection showcases around 400 bags, mostly Birkin bags, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Fendi.

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