The Bob Is the Critics Choice Awards' Haircut of Choice; Here's How to Find The Right Bob For Your Face ShapeCredit : mspike/Instagram

The bob is probably the most low-maintenance haircut there is. Celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown confirms to Glamour that the classic haircut is back with a vengeance. Just picture actress Rosamund Pike in Netflix's I Care A Lot. If you also caught the recently concluded 2021 Annual Critics Choice Awards, you've probably noticed a lot of stars sporting the bob.

Popsugar pointed out Uzo Aduba, Jaime Pressley, Kristen Bell, Carey Mulligan, Kyra Sedgewick, Mayim Balik as just some of the actresses rocking this classic short hairdo for the occasion. These actresses also prove that the bob can be styled in different ways. If you want to get on this bob haircut bandwagon, here are the different types of bobs and how to find the right one for your face shape.

How To Find The Right Bob For Your Face Shape

Round Face

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For round faces like Selena Gomez, Gabriel Union and Emma Stone, celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown tells Byrdie that a long bob or "lob" is best. A longer bob elongates a round shape and creates the illusion of a slimmer face. Ask your stylist to start cutting below your chin. If you're cutting your own hair, keep in mind your natural hair texture as wavy or curly hair will get shorter when dry. A deep side part will also complement full cheeks and a rounded jawline. For round faces, The Right Hairstyles suggest skipping full bangs and center parts to avoid making the face appear rounder. ALSO READ: The Top Hairstyle Trends You Can Expect to See in 2021

Oval Face

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An oval face is evenly proportioned, and any type of haircut usually looks good. For a bob, celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Colombini says it's better to go short and opt for chin-length bobs to keep your face shape balanced. For your reference, Emma Stone and Jessica Alba have oval faces. According to Love To Know, you can also try a layered bob and keep the length below the jawline, but above the shoulder.

Heart-Shaped Face

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  A heart-shaped face features a wide forehead and cheekbones, a narrow jaw, and a pointy chin like Reese Witherspoon. Shoulder-length bobs with long layers will soften the sharp jawline and chin. You can also add side bangs to balance out a wide forehead. A shoulder-length bob is very easy to style and you can wear it straight or wavy.

Square Face

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Square faces have broad foreheads, strong angular jawlines and a square chin like Demi Moore, Emma Roberts, and Keira Knightley. A bob with textured layers or a graduated bob with shorter hair at the back and longer in front will soften hard angles. Avoid severely straight chin-length bobs.

Oblong Face

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  An oblong face is more long than wide. Think Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker. To balance out a long face, go for a chin-length bob to create the illusion of roundness. You can also add bangs to help shorten the face. As for styling, you can play with curls and waves to add width to your face shape.

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