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Ana De Armas is taking the world by storm with her captivating beauty, charming looks, and acting prowess.

The Cuban-Spanish actress became the talk of the town after being linked to Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck and being named as the next Bond girl.

Following this, the "No Time to Die" actress is spilling all her beauty tips and tricks as well as some of her biggest beauty regrets of all time.

Ana De Armas Beauty Go-To

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Speaking to Vogue UK, the 32-year-old actress gets candid about her beauty must-haves and her secret to glowing skin.

In her recent interview, the brunette beauty shares the first thing she does in the morning--which involves everyone's morning go-to--coffee!

The "Blade Runner 2049" star considers herself as not a morning person, likes to indulge herself with coffee and music before anything else. After that, it's time for her beauty routine.

For her, the morning rituals and its process are a form of taking care of herself.

"What you do [in the morning] is your rituals, at your pace and time.All these things help me wake up and figure out what I feel like that day," she explained.

With her busy schedule, the "Deep Water" actress likes to keep things minimal but makes sure she has the essentials.

The Cuban-Spanish actress shares that she never leaves the house without eye masks and face masks, which she puts on in her car, as well as her serums, oils, and rose quartz tool that helps to depuff her face, especially in the morning.

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Ana De Armas' Signature Look

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The 32-year-old actress, who was also named as the newest Estée Lauder's global brand ambassador, shares her signature makeup look.

During the candid chat, she hinted that she's not a fan of full makeup, but when she does, she likes to accentuate her eyes.

"I don't wear much makeup every day, but [my] eyes are always what makes me feel I'm awake and ready for the day," she furthered.

So for her casual everyday look, the "Knock Knock" actress makes sure to coat her lashes with mascara and do a little wing liner to brighten up her eyes.

For a pop of color, she likes to swipe a little blush. "It makes me feel fresh and young," the brunette beauty added.

Biggest Beauty Regret

Just like most of us, Ana De Armas also had a fair share of beauty regrets that she has done in the past.

Back in high school, she recalled that she used to do a bold dark lip alongside face-framing hair.

"I always wore lip liner that was too dark - classic dark lip liner and the two strips of hair in the middle of my face. I regret it! I'm glad I don't have photos of that era," De Armas shared to the publication.

Ana De Armas' Beauty Routine

There's no denying that the Cuban-Spanish actress has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood.

To maintain this, "The Night Clerk" actress regularly visits spas to get facials; however, due to COVID-19, she has to take precautionary measures and mentioned that she now shifted to DIYs and at-home beauty spas.

"So you have to learn to do it yourself and figure out how to get that same glow on your own."

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