She may be a natural beauty, but even former Dark Angel, Jessica Alba has a few beauty secrets up her sleeve. We hear this red carpet goddess is a big fan of a little something known as cryotherapy, and she's not the only star to make this her go-to source for added fabulosity.

Used by Hollywood celebrities Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston to give them red carpet-ready skin, cryotherapy is rapidly becoming one of the coolest non-invasive treatments around. And now, one of the UK's leading cryotherapists is offering a new unique salon therapy that leaves the skin looking ten years younger - by freezing the areas to temperatures as low as minus 180C (-292F)!

Alla Pashynska, Clinical Director of ICE Health Cryotherapy Ltd, says that her new device is the only one in the country that can reach such ultra-cold temperatures in salon and clinic environments. She is hailing the treatment, which is delivered via a new machine to the UK called a Cryo T Portable, as a revolution in beauty and cosmetic markets.