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Bella Hadid is known to have that snatched, sultry look and often sports foxy eye lift makeup. We'll show you below Youtuber Megha Singh's concealer video that will show you how to look snatched like her. Let's start!

Over YouTube, there are tons of "how-to" tutorials, teaching viewers how to copy her look.

As for her makeup, the supermodel likes to have that almost feline-like features--elongated eyes and straight brows, making her face look more lifted.

Interestingly, there are ways to achieve this.

First is through the actual brow lift procedure, a cosmetic procedure that improves the symmetry and appearance of low and sagging brow.

This can be made alone or alongside other facial procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery.

Another trick if you want to look snatched is by shaving off the ends of your arches to have that lifted eyebrow effect.

The last option and not to mention safe and low-key processes through the powers of makeup.

Bella Hadid's makeup look involves anything that would make her features more lifted. Fortunately, there's a TikTok beauty hack that creates facelifting powers using a concealer.

Who would have thought that aside from covering eyebags and those pesky dark spots, this basic makeup product can instantly give a facelift effect.

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Megha Singh Concealer Video TikTok Beauty Hack

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Posted by Megha Singh, this TikTok makeup trend details all the tricks to lift up the whole face using a concealer.

This immediately went viral and has already gained 3.6 million likes as of this writing.

The Texas-based TikTok user was seen applying the concealer in particular points of her face, such as the outer and inner corners of the eye, along the laugh line, the corners of the mouth, and along the cheekbone using an upward motion.

She then blends the concealer by dabbing it with Beauty Blender.

Singh, who describes herself as a CEO of contouring, the process by baking

Her face with a translucent powder then dusting it off using a fluff face brush.

For her fourth step, the viral TikTok user applied a cream blush on the high points of her cheek to have that lifting effect.

Lastly, she then coated her eyelashes using black mascara and followed it with black eyeliner to create a subtle cat-eye.

In the last part of the video, Singh showed the dramatic transformation from the left side, which she left undone, and the right side, where she applied the facelift makeup trick.

Bella Hadid Makeup Look

Although we may think that the runway royalty is almost close to being perfect, she mentioned that she doesn't want to pile up a lot of makeup on her skin.

In a previous Vogue Beauty Secret video, the 24-year-old brunette beauty spoke about how she finds her imperfections beautiful, referring to dark circles.

In the video, Bella Hadid shared her on-the-go makeup routine, which only consists of a few products.

The Vogue cover girl skipped foundation and used a concealer as her base, concentrating only on areas with pigmentation.

"You just like wing it. Put it everywhere," she mentioned as she grabbed her beauty blender sponge.

She then followed this by contouring her cheekbones to add more definition to her face.

Hadid then proceeded to her brow by filling the sparse hair and applied two coats of mascara to make her eyes look more awake.

As for her last step, the runway stunner puts a shimmering gold eyeshadow from Dior 5 Couleurs Skyline palette to the inner corners of her eyes.

"It opens your eyes a little bit," she explained.

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