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Gigi and Bella Hadid always slayed the runway and magazine shoots with their jaw-dropping features and iconic look, all thanks to their excellent genes.

However, aside from the fact that the two supermodels are born with their captivating beauty, they also invest in their health, especially their skin.

Being the face of major beauty brands such as Maybelline, Dior, Tom Ford makeup, and Chanel, the duo maintains their glowing skin through the most sought after celebrity aesthetician Mimi Luzon.

During her interview with Vogue UK, the skin wellbeing expert reveals the secret behind the sister's youthful glow.

According to the Israeli facialist, she uses natural minerals such as gold and diamonds that can be found in various beauty tools and devices, noting that it's all about good hands, good products, and good machines.

Moreover, Luzon mentioned that diamonds could address skin concerns such as uneven skin tone, remove the excess dirt, oil, and the layer of dead skin while improving the complexion and helps with skin rejuvenation.

The celebrity facialist also explained the benefits of gold to our skin. Although it is quite expensive, gold features a glow-boosting effect with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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With this, she developed her own brand of face mask containing 24K Pure Gold Mask Treatment and anti-wrinkle mask.

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Noting the effects, the celebrity aesthetician explained that it improves collagen production and stimulates the skin.

Interestingly, Mimi Luzon spills the tea on how to achieve Bella and Gigi Hadid's skin even just at home.

She reveals three things to consider if you want that snatched supermodel look.

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Be Creative

The sought after skincare guru mentioned that you don't need gold or diamonds to obtain a youthful glow.

"There are so many at home skincare tools on the market, but even I often use cold spoons on my eyes [to depuff]," she added.

Placing a cool spoon under the eyes can reduce puffiness around the area since the temperature helps the lymphatic drainage to remove that excess fluid.

Experiment with Treatments and Products

Mimi Luzon thinks that knowing what products work for you is a trial and error.

She advised not to be afraid to mix products like serums and toners and explore all the "flavours," noting that skincare are just "cocktails." You just have to play with them.

If you are too doubtful about being too experimental, you can also research what brand or products work best for your skin type.

Explore the World of Face Acids

Although it may sound intimidating, she advised using acid formulas that can be found on the market. Some contain a low percentage of chemicals that are suited for addressing skin concerns.

For beginners, Mimi Luzon explained to start by using lactic acid that contains 3.5 percent. Once your skin has adjusted with the strength of the chemical, you can go higher up to ten percent.

This is used to treat age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other factors concerning uneven complexion.

She also advised using glycolic acid for exfoliating the skin while maintaining a natural PH balance.

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