K. Michelle’s Butt Implants Pop While Doing an Instagram Live: Funniest Twitter Memes

K. Michelle
(Photo : Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET) K. Michelle’s Butt Implants

K. Michelle goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

Fans witnessed the sultry singer's embarrassing moment during her recent Instagram live.

It came after the "Not a Little Bit" hitmaker, who was wearing a black bodycon mini dress, showed off her twerking skills as she danced to Cardi B's "Up."

K. Michelle's Butt Implants Deflates on IG Live

  Unfortunately, the 34-year-old Tennessee native stopped in the middle of her IG live after she felt something from her behind. She then realized that her butt implants seemed to deflate; however, she tried to recover from the embarrassment by trying to hold her sunken butt in place.

Twitter Reacts to K. Michelle's Butt Implants Mishap

Unfortunately, fans were quick to hit the record button of K. Michelle's butt implants blunder and became a subject of Twitter memes. In just a snap, the "Can't Raise a Man" flooded social media with her twerking mishap. "Haha, that video of k Michelle picking her butt up wild as hell lol," one user wrote, while the second fan appears to be baffled with the incident and asked, "No way k Michelle what happened to your butt!" The third user echoed the same sentiment and seemed to be shocked with her IG Live.

"I know yall seen K. Michelle trying to twerk, and her butt went lump."

On the other hand, an individual poked fun at the sultry singer's twerking mishap and posted a meme out of the embarrassing situation.

"#kmichelle trying to twerk," the fan wrote, alongside a skull emoji.

On the other hand, one account detailed how the brunette beauty's misfortune was caught on cam.

"R&B singer #KMichelle appears to have had an accident while twerking on #TikTok. The beautiful R&B singer's backside appears to have burst, In the middle of twerking, the bottom of K Michelle's booty appears to give out, causing her entire butt to drop to an unnaturally low level."

K. Michelle Gets Honest About Her Botched Surgery

The "Just Like Jay" songstress has been vocal about her plastic surgery and beauty enhancements journey.

Back in 2018, she told People magazine that she had undergone four surgeries to remove botched silicone butt injections.

At the time, she revealed that she had it done in the black market.

"He wasn't a doctor - it was black market, it was these 'hydrogel' injections - that's what they were being called," she recalled.

Moreover, she also mentioned what made her decide to get butt implants.

"When I found out my favorite rapper did it, that's when I decided, 'I'm getting it done," she furthered.

After five years since getting implants, she experienced getting migraines, back, and leg pains, and that's made her decide to have it removed.

Prior to this, K. Michelle shared that she wanted her figure to be like a "Coke bottle."

With that, she had her breast augmented, hips surgery to make it look bigger.

This move was caused by her insecurities and opted for going under the knife to make her feel good about herself.

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