Safaree Samuels and K. Michelle may have been photographed hanging out only a few weeks ago, instantly igniting relationship rumors, however, K. Michelle is speaking out against the rumors personally, insisting that she and Samuels are nothing more than good friends.

Hip Hollywood reports that in their interview with the singer, K. Michelle insists that she isn't romantically involved with Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend.

"We do not sleep together, kiss each other, hold each other any of that," she began when asked about her relationship with Samuels. 

"That is absolutely my friend. I am not dating Safaree," she reiterates.

However, K. Michelle did explain that they support each other, "He actually prays for me. I think that's a good thing. But no, we are not a couple. I only date Caucasian British men at this point."

The news comes after reports surfaced earlier this month suggesting that Michelle and Samuels may be heating up their friendship as they were spotted out on a lunch date together.

Samuels only furthered the rumors when he posted an Instagram video of himself rapping over an instrumental version of Michelle's song, "Going Under," in which he praises Michelle for her inspirational attitude, VladTV reports.

"Before I met you, I knew you had a feisty attitude / You gave me light so I have nothing but gratitude / I f*** with you, the long way, altitude / Yeah, your a** is on another level, magnitude / I'm not a surgeon or a doctor but I play the part / Please sign me up 'cause I'm really trying to buy a heart."

Samuels' Instagram also got attention earlier this week when the rapper posted a photo of himself to his account, tagging Minaj's close friend, Rihanna, in the pic with the caption, "Baby wont you come my wayyyy...#STUNTGANG."

Samuels' post also reportedly caught the attention of ex Minaj, who posted a series of shade-throwing photos and quotes on her Instagram just hours after Samuels tagged Rihanna in his pic, Enstars reports.

While it was previously reported that Minaj may be shading her current beau Meek Mill, sources have now hinted that Minaj's dig could be her way of dissing ex Samuels with his new, flirtatious behavior.

What do you think of K. Michelle's comments about not dating Safaree Samuels?

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