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Drew Barrymore gets candid about her thoughts regarding plastic surgery.

During her interview with Ross Mathews on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the 45-year-old actress explained her two cents about going under the knife.

Drew Barrymore's Plastic Surgery Insights

The "Never Been Kissed" star revealed that she has "never done anything" to her face and "would like to try not to." Instead, she opted to embrace the aging process naturally--at least for now.

Following this, the Golden Globe winner shares the reason why she's hesitant to try plastic surgeries.

The "50 First Date" actress considered herself a "highly addictive person" and sees that one lip injection might lead to a series of cosmetic surgeries.

Moreover, Drew Barrymore joked about looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite who became famous for her extensive cosmetic surgery and looking like a Catwoman.

"The thing that I do care about and I do feel is still relevant to my life is the face. I know myself. I'm a highly addictive person. I do one injection. I'm going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein by Friday," she mentioned.

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Social Media and Plastic Surgeries

During the talk with Matthews, the mother-of-two pointed out the pressure from social media for women to look their best.

Describing herself as "rebellious," she saw how some are "torturing themselves to look a certain way, and I thought, 'You miserable people,'" she explained.

Fending off society's demands and social media, she now considered herself "boring and safe and healthy," and we couldn't agree more to that.

Drew Barrymore on Aging

The blonde beauty, who owns a cosmetic line called Flower Beauty, shares her insights about aging.

She mentioned that growing old and getting a few fine lines or gray hairs is a part of the process and human life; hence, Barrymore doesn't mind all these.

Moreover, she highlighted that these changes make her more alive and "more vulnerable, making her appreciate every single day of her life.

In her previous interview with Glamour UK, way back in 2019, the actress turned producer spoke about her drug abuse.

At the time, she admitted that she was hesitant to use heroin and plastic surgery because she felt "like they're both very slippery slopes," adding, "I feel if I try either, I'm going to be dead really soon."

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Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty

Now, "The Wedding Singer" actress is focused on being a mother to her two lovely kids, alongside her beauty line and hosting "The Drew Barrymore Show."

Just recently, the award-winning actress posted a Flower Beauty campaign in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Wearing a bright pink top alongside three models, Drew Barrymore's Instagram caption reads, "Happy #GalentinesDay @flowerbeauty!!"

Interestingly, her eldest daughter, Olive, is slowly getting involved with her beauty venture.

Last year, the actress posted a video of herself visiting the CVS store to check out her Flower Beauty products.

Instead of talking to the camera, her eight-year-old daughter gave her a spill right off the bat, saying that it is "the most beautiful collection I've ever seen."

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