Top Three Effortless Makeup As Seen on Beauty InfluencersCredit : Kim Carpenter / Unsplash

From lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, Instagram influencers have dominated the social media scene and the entertainment industry.

Think YouTube star James Charles with over 15 million followers and is now considered the first-ever male representative of CoverGirl. Aside from this, he also bagged a Steamy award for best beauty channel and is currently nominated for the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Male Social Star category.

Moreover, fellow beauty guru Nikkie De Jager also known as Nikkie Tutorials has managed to garner 14.5 million Instagram followers and 11.8 million YouTube subscribers. With this, cited that her videos earn over one million dollars every year.

Both social media stars used their platforms to reach a greater audience and feature their skills and knowledge in the beauty industry by uploading various makeup and skincare related content.

James Charles and Nikkie Tutorials' common denominator is that both display trendy and colorful makeup transformations--from HD brows, flawless base, and multi-colored statement looks; however, there is a new wave of beauty influencers who showcase no-makeup makeup looks.

This beauty trend is set to captivate the masses with its minimal and low-effort makeup aesthetic.

With that being said, here are the top three minimalist makeup trends that are popularized by beauty influencers.

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Healthy Glowy Look

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2021 is all about the radiant beauty from within. The glowy look refers to making the skin more dew, bright and beautiful without heavily concealing imperfections. Unlike the usual makeup technique, this focuses on highlighters and accentuating the face's high points like cheekbones and brow bones. But go easy on highlighters; make sure you want a more natural glow and not greasy or sweaty. Beauty influencer Leslie Lengths often showcases the barely-there makeup, highlighting her flawless skin with a pop of color on her lips.

Feathery Brows

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For years, bushy brows have captured many beauty enthusiasts' hearts since they looked more young and natural.

This beauty trend will continue to dominate this 2021 as feathery eyebrows, a.k.a the microbladed look, require minimal to no effort.

Good for you if you are blessed with eyebrows like Cara Delevigne; however, if you are those unlucky ladies who have thin or sparse hair, all you need is a perfect eyebrow product and fill in some bald parts and brush it upwards, and you are good to go.

Nisa-Miranda Jones often sports the feathered brow trend alongside a bare face and her natural hair.

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A Hint of Blush

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One can never go wrong with a pop of blush. Whether it is pink, peach, or a shade of red, this is definitely on the must-haves for every lady.

The soft mauve-pink is a perfect shade that compliments every skin tone and gives the face a little color without looking too all dolled up.

British vlogger Zoe Sugg completes her minimal look with a hint of blush to brighten up her face. She topped it off with a coat of mascara to highlight her big blue eyes and finished off with a natural-colored lipstick.

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