At Home MicroneedlingCredit : Antonika Chanel

The new era of beauty and skincare has introduced innovative products on the market--one of which is the microneedling. 

Relatively used by professional dermatologists, the procedure involves using small needles to prick the skin. Although it may sound perplexing at first, this helps the skin generate new collagen and skin tissue for firmer, smoother, and more toned skin. 

In a report cited by Net-a-Porter, dermatologist Dendy Engelman explained how microneedles aid in skin regeneration. 

"The slight injury stimulates the growth of collagen [the scaffolding under the skin], which then improves the appearance of some scars and wrinkles." 

What is Derma Roller?

Moreover, microneedling uses a specific tool known as a derma roller, a small rolling pin covered in miniature needles. The minimally invasive procedure is said to combat acne scarring and even skin tone using the tools up and down motion. 

Interestingly, many brands are now offering at-home microneedling with the use of derma rollers. However, before adding to the cart, make sure that you know what size or material of derma rollers you should use. 

Dr. Engelman also noted that at-home microneedling uses much smaller needles than those used in a clinic. 

Whether it is a derma stamp or a roller, this device ranges from 0.2 mm to 2.5 mm, and the size depends on what areas or what skin concerns you may want to target. However, experts also advise using only 0.3 mm or lower as thicker needles have a higher risk of damaging and causing a permanent scar on the skin. 

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Microneedling at Home: Benefits

Dr. Engelman explained the sole purpose of using at-home microneedling, and that is to "help active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, resulting in better product efficacy."

Although it should be used with caution, using derma rollers also has benefits for the skin. 

Collagen Stimulation

Aside from the better absorption of products into the skin, it can aid in collagen stimulation. This is a protein that makes skin tight and firm. 

When used regularly, it can produce subtle improvements in the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and stretch marks. 

According to, a 2008 study found out that "four microneedling sessions resulted in up to a 400 percent rise in collagen. 

Derma Roller for Hair Loss

The face is not the only target of derma rollers as it can be used in the scalp for hair regrowth. 

It is said to help produce stem cells in the hair follicles that may lead to hair growth.

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The Cons of Using Microneedling at Home

Now that we know the benefits, let's move over to the downside of using derma rollers.

The key to a successful microneedling session at home is not overdoing it. 

Moreover, although this is beneficial to all skin types, experts advised that those who have sensitive skin should be mindful of using this as this can lead to skin irritation, causing more harm than good. 

"Done too frequently, it can cause bleeding, swelling, breakouts, and deeper trauma to tissue-especially if not cleaned properly between treatments or if rollers are shared," dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler told Marie Claire.

She also warned people who use Accutane or recently had laser treatments to skip this procedure. 

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