Beauty World News - The Truth About Face Fillers and the COVID-19 VaccineCredit : Joeyy Lee / Unsplash

Facial fillers have been on top of the list of most requested cosmetic procedures. 

A lot of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were accused of going under the knife to maintain that young-looking glow. In a report by Refinery29, cosmetic fillers such as lip injections, non-surgical nose jobs, and botox are the most sought after procedures even during the pandemic. 

Despite the health crisis, demands for cosmetic surgery have not slowed down; in fact, there has been a surge in these procedures amid the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. 

According to Allure, everyone — from professionals to local politicians and to Hollywood stars — seeks consultation from various surgeons. 

Los Angeles board-certified plastic surgeon Jason Roostaeian pointed out that people are taking advantage of their downtime during the pandemic to enhance themselves physically. 

Additionally, he explained that the busiest times for plastic surgeons are during vacation periods. "This is when we always see the biggest spike in cosmetic procedures because people aren't going into work," he said. 

Aside from taking self-care to the extreme level, one must look after his or her health, especially during this pandemic. 

As the COVID-19 cases increase worldwide, experts have created a vaccine to protect by creating an antibody or immune system response. 

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Face Fillers and COVID-19 Vaccine

Unfortunately, some reports are linking COVID-19 vaccine side effects to those who have undergone facial fillers. 

Based on the review shown by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), two participants in the clinical trial who had cosmetic fillers reportedly experienced facial swelling within two days of receiving the Moderna vaccine. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Samuel Lin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, told Elle magazine that these cases are not life-threatening. 

He also shared that these cases can be resolved with anti-allergy medication such as steroids and antihistamines.  

In the end, Dr. Lin pointed out the importance of getting vaccinated rather than "looking good with facial fillers."

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Is it Safe to Get COVID-19 Vaccine and Facial Fillers?

Following the reported COVID-19 side effects linking to face fillers,

Dr. Arianne Shadi Kourosh, director Lasers and Esthetics at Brown University Medical Center, explained to NBC Boston that these unexpected reactions are likely an effect of stimulating the immune system."

Although it was mentioned above that this is not life-threatening, she encourages the public to be mindful and do a lot of research and planning before getting these types of procedures.

"I would encourage anyone planning on having a vaccination to do a little planning," she mentioned, adding, "Do not plan to have any cosmetic procedures for a few weeks before or after the vaccination and to also talk to their doctor ahead of time for pre-vaccination planning."

Like Dr. Lin, Dr. Kourosh shared her takeaways, urging everyone to get their COVID-10 Vaccine, and she explained that reactions after getting vaccinated are manageable. 

Moreover, it is also important to tell your doctor or health care professional administering your vaccine if you happen to have cosmetic fillers. 

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