"To All The Boys" Star Lana Condor’s Beauty Routine Credit : Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Lara Condor rose to fame playing Lara Jean Covey on Netflix's movie adaptation of Jenny Han's "To All The Boys" book series. The third and final movie is slated for release on February 12, 2021 on Netflix and Condor is once again a busy bee with promotions. As Marie Claire reports, the Vietnamese-born actress was launched as the new face of Neutrogena last year and she just released a video of her beauty routine with Vogue. Here's the breakdown of Lana Condor's beauty routine and all the products in her beauty arsenal.

Neutrogena Skin Balancing Purifying Gel Cleanser

Lana Condor's beauty routine starts with cleansing. Condor shares that she was a dancer when she was younger and always wore a lot of stage makeup. Cleansing her face thoroughly is second nature and she starts her skincare routine with the Neutrogena Skin Balancing Purifying Gel Cleanser.

Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox

Next up is the Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox which is an oxygenated charcoal mask. She puts the black sheet mask on and activates the bubbles by gently rubbing it. She then removes the residue with cleansing water and a cotton pad.

Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Serum SPF 60+

Condor suggests finding a sunscreen that you like and commit to it. She says wear sunscreen and adds that your "future will be better." While most people apply moisturizer before sunscreen, Candor uses a serum with SPF 60+ so it goes under her moisturizer.

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

After her serum-slash-sunscreen, she applies her Neutrogena gel moisturizer and uses the BFASU Upgrade Ice Roller and gently rolls it under her chin and under her jaw areas.

iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

For the "really dark" pigmentation under her eyes, Condor applies a pea sized amount of iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. Condor candidly shares that she's adopted so she thinks she may have inherited the dark under eyes from her biological parents.

5Yina Divine All Seasons Beauty Balm

To start of with her makeup routine, Condor loves this beauty balm and applies it on her lips. She also mentions that you can also use the balm on your elbows and cuticles.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Brightening Cream Concealer

She uses a more yellow-toned Rare Beauty concealer under her eye area, her forehead and the side of her chin and a brighter and more neutral Neutrogena concealer near the edge of her eyes and again, at the sides of her chin. She blends the two concealers seamlessly with the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation Brush. She also runs the brush on her eyelids just to even out the skintone.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour & Highlight Stick

After perfecting her base, she adds a bit of contour and shadowing on the sides of her nose, her cheekbones and her jaw and blends the products with the same Rare Beauty brush.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Condor jokes that her face "eats blush" and says that she tells that to all her makeup artist. She puts more than the usual amount and mixes Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and 3CE Red Recipe Lip Color #215 Ruby Tuesday then blends then together with her trusty brush. The result is a very natural-looking flush. She applies a touch more concealer over her eye area since she tends to go over the area with her blush.

3CE Glow Beam Highlighter

She loves K-beauty brand 3CE while working in Korea and loves the very subtle glow that this highlighter imparts. She applies it on the top of her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.

3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette

According to Condor, "eyebrows are not twins, they're sisters." She fills in the sparse areas on her arches with a brow pomade then uses another favorite from Korea, the 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette and works to make her hooded eyes pop. She finishes her eye makeup with a few strokes of ESPOIR Bronze Painting Waterproof Eye Pencil #2 Stay Dark on her upper lash line and inner bottom lash line. Since she has eyelash extensions already, she skips the mascara.

3CE Red Recipe Lip Color #215 Ruby Tuesday

For her lips, she uses the same lip stain that she used on her cheeks and applies it only in the middle part of her lips with her finger. She lines the side of her lips with MAC Lip Pencil and blends it towards the lip stain in the middle. She also lines her cupid's bow and as Condor says, "Tada!" That's all there is to it.

You can watch the video of Lana Condor's beauty routine with Vogue and the finished look on YouTube.

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