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In a world filled with curated Instagram feeds, we rarely come across skin positive influencers promoting self-love and embracing imperfections.

With all the hype of beauty products and makeup gurus, these influencers break the barriers by building a community with whom they share an affinity and the same point of view towards beauty.

While most social media celebrities post filtered photos or flaunting their artistic makeup look, skin positive influencers celebrates their imperfection in all its glory through bare-faced and makeup-free snaps.

These days, when asked about society's beauty standards, you will be answered by non-ideal standards about women's physical attributes.

According to Bradley University, ideas about beauty change just like the social conditions and gender roles.

During the 60s and 70s, women who are stick-thin and flat-chested like supermodel Twiggy were considered beautiful. On the other hand, during the 50s, women who have curvaceous bodies and broad hips like Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe are the beauty ideals.

Fortunately, women these days are vocal about their opinion and are not letting society dictate what's best for them.

Amid the rise of the body positivity movement, skin positive Influencers are also using the platform for a good cause. That is to teach women and young girls that beauty is only skin-deep.

Alongside the hashtags acne positivity, acne community, and acne solution, you can view thousands of entries from women worldwide and their journey with their imperfections.

With that being said, here are some of the skin positive influencers that everyone should be following on Instagram.

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Em Ford

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With her IG handle @mypaleskinblog, the British filmmaker became popular through her powerful video titled "You Look Disgusting."  Posted in 2015, which gained nearly 35,000 views, the beauty vlogger compiled negative comments that she received over social media and used them to create an inspiring film about beauty standards.

As for her Instagram, she transformed her account from featuring beauty contents to a skin positive page as she frequently posts comparison of her bare-faced skin and with makeup to show her 767,000 followers that you don't need makeup and filters to look beautiful.

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Sofia Grahn

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The Sweden based influencer, Sofia Grahn, is keeping it real on Instagram with her stunning visuals and gorgeous makeup look.  Aside from this, she updates her over 96,000 followers with her journey using prescribed oral medication such as isotretinoin to treat her acne conditions.

Kadeeja Sel Khan

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Model and activist Kadeeja Sel Khan is known for creating various makeup tutorials and skincare tips.

Bearing the IG handle @emeraldbeauty, she uses her platform to spread awareness about skin positivity and fight the stigma surrounding acne; hence, she has now become a global spokesperson for self-love.

During her previous interview with Vogue magazine, the skincare influencer spoke about what made her share her story on social media.

At the time, she mentioned that she was "tired of pretending I'm this 'perfect' person when in reality no one is," she mentioned, adding, "I never in my life thought I'd feel so happy in my body and with myself as I do now."

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