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At 19, Billie Eilish proves that she is the industry's next big thing as she lands on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Aside from her impeccable voice range and chart-topping songs, it's no secret that the California born singer is also a style icon.

Billie Eilish Vanity Fair Cover

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Shot by Quil Lemons and styled by the New York-based editor and stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the "Bad Guy" hitmaker rocks a retro vibe for the publication's March 2021 issue.

The five-time Grammy winner dons a beige long sleeve Gucci top with rust-colored paisley design; however, what's more, interesting is her fingerless gloves that showed off one of her trademarks--and that is her long coffin nails.

As cited by, it appears that the gloves have been custom made just for the "Ocean Eyes" songstress as the Italian luxury fashion house doesn't normally release these types of fingerless gloves.

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Fans Hyped Billie Eilish's Nails on Vanity Fair Cover

This also went viral on Twitter as fans rave about the singer's love for her nails.

"Love seeing Billie clip the fingers of her gloves for her nails. Something I've done for decades," one user wrote.

The second fan echoed the same sentiment and tweeted, "Billie Eilish - love the jewelry with the gloves and those nails."

Fortunately, her go-to manicurist Tammy Taylor, reveals the secret behind her iconic nails.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the Orange County native described Billie Eilish as a "nail girl through and through." She mentioned that although it looks uncomfortable, the award-winning singer can do everything with it.

Taylor also notes how the 19-year-old started her obsession with having long claws.

The celebrity manicurist first started with a full set of long, beige, matte, teardrop stiletto sculpted nails and recalled teaching the singer how to zip up her zipper with her long nails.

Tammy Taylor also explained how to cop Billie Eilish's famous logo nails during her collaboration with Gucci alongside creative director Alessandro Michele.

In a short film directed by the renowned Gus Van Sant for the brand's fall collection, the "When The Party's Over" hitmaker wore long square nails with red nail polish and design with the Gucci logo. Taylor recalled that it was her all-time favorite logo nails.

She then shared how to recreate the singer's signature nails using primary-color on hand-sculpted acrylics.

The celebrity manicurist advised fans to coat it with two shades of gel polish. On top of it, overlay it with a regular polish in cherry red. Lastly, stencil it with a logo of your choice.

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Selena Gomez Freaked Out Over Billie Eilish Cover Shoot

Aside from her head-turning long nails, Billie Eilish was spotted sporting Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez for her Vanity Fair cover.

Over her Instagram Story, the "Loose You to Love Me" singer lowkey fangirl over the teen singer.

"Low key freaking out... You look stunning!" she wrote,

Eilish's makeup artist Robert Rumsey used Rare Beauty's collection to give the "Bad Guy" singer that dewy and natural-looking glow.

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