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Beauty and fashion influencer Jess Hunt is taking social media by storm with her own brow brand, REFY. 

Gone are the days that women are sporting the Gwen Stefani vibe with ultra-thin brows. Nowadays, the trend is the full and feathery brows, aka the microbladed look.

From being an internet celebrity with over 1.2 million Instagram followers and nearly 30,000 YouTube subscribers, the blonde bombshell launched her cosmetic brand alongside fellow beauty influencer and Shrine CEO, Jenna Meek.

The brand's goal is to develop a beauty brand that would break boundaries and design innovative products that are new to the market. 

Hunt's "personal inspirations of beauty, fashion and photography" have transpired in her brand's aesthetic and values.

Dubbed as a queen of eyebrows, the 20-something model reveals her secret behind her statement look and details about Refy beauty.

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Jess Hunt's Pandemic Project

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In her recent interview with Glamour UK, the former "Love Island" star shared that she used her downtime during the pandemic to create her "brand from scratch."

She explained that creating "Refy has taken a lot of my time the past year or so, which has been a massive blessing but also a learning curve for me."

Aside from the conceptualization, the influencer also had to quickly adapt and learn the whole process--including the product development, manufacturing, and more. 

Being an influencer, Hunt also met interesting people who share the same passion as hers when it comes to beauty--and that includes meeting Jenna Meek.

The reality star revealed that it all started when the Shrine founder complemented her bold, feathery eyebrows, and the rest was history.

"It was on one particular shoot Jenna pointed out how long my brows took, and we got chatting about how frustrating it was that there wasn't a simple fix to create this look."

From there, the duo "started playing around with ideas" and thus, the brow sculpt idea was born. 

A week later, she received a message from Meek telling her that their "crazy brow idea" will soon become a reality. 

Describing it as a dream team, UK's top social media star explained that the collaboration between her and fellow beauty influencer seems "natural" given that they both have "a lot of experience in the beauty industry."

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How to Get Jessica Hunt's Eyebrow

Like most women, the blonde beauty also had her fair share of brow mishaps during her early years.

She used to be a part of what she calls a "slug brow gang" or the annoyingly unruly brows that looked like two slugs trying to kiss. However, over the years, she perfected the sculpted bushy brow look, which made her famous over social media.

During her talk with the outlet, Jess Hunt revealed the secret behind her famous look, and that includes face or hair oils.

She explained that it keeps those little bad girls "thick and healthy" and used around five different gels to set them and make it look as if it was laminated.

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