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Kamala Harris was the icon of the decade when she did not let the former VP Mike Pence cut her off during their controversial vice presidential debate face-off.

In her words, the 56-year-old California born politician dropped her powerful line and said "I'm speaking" towards Pence.

Now, she finally made her way to the White House as the 49th vice president of the United States.

Not only that, the brunette beauty is the country's first female VP and the highest-ranking female elected official in the history of America.

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Meet SheSpoke's Trio Collection

With this, SheSpoke makeup made a collection inspired by three powerful women.

The brand, which "represents freedom, playfulness, and joy," recently launched their limited edition lipstick collection, called "I'm Speaking," inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris and other trailblazer women. They made a recent impact on society.

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"Meet our limited edition "I'm Speaking" collection. Are you a Ruth, Stacey, or Kamala? No matter what, your voice matters, so continue to speak up. #ImSpeaking#SHESPOKE," the SheSpoke Instagram posts reads.

Co-founded by "Law and Order" star Stephanie March, the "I'm Speaking" collection features three shades-- "Kamala," "Ruth," which is inspired by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and "Stacy," influenced by the politician and human rights activist, Stacey Abrams.

SheSpoke's limited-edition trio lipstick offers three shades that contain shimmery lip gloss that retails for $32.

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Kamala Shade

The Kamala has a warm and sheer yet glossy shade of champagne tint, which is excellent for every skin tone. Steal that Kamala Harris inauguration looks with this perfect on-the-go lippy suited for busy women, just like the madam Vice President herself.

The Ruth

Inspired by the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Ruth shade features a pinky coral tone perfect for women who exude sophistication and femininity.

Made with creamy formulation, it offers a rich medium to full coverage with just the right amount of gloss.

The Stacey

Last on the list is the Stacey--which is a bit different from the two. It has a shimmery creamy, and plummy shade of red lipstick that screams power.

Like Stacey Abrams, a famed voting rights activist, this shade is suited for women who are outspoken and give off that girl boss vibe.

I'm Speaking Gloss

Aside from the three shades, the limited-edition lipstick comes with the shiny shimmering "I'm Speaking" gloss. If you want to add moisture or a blast of shine from your everyday look, this clear gloss is a perfect lip topper.

Packed with gold flecks, add a boost of glitz on your face with this shimmery but never sticky lip gloss for that subtle hint of glam. Moreover, this high shine sparkly clear topper retails around $29.

Even though we are obliged to wear a mask this pandemic season, there's no harm in achieving that girl boss or even the Kamala Harris vibe with this on-the-go lippie to remind how powerful and strong women are these days.

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