Beauty Insiders Agree That These Are The Most Talked-About Beauty Products of 2020 Credit : dysonhair / Instagram

A lot of people will probably agree that self-care has gotten us through this tough year. The American Psychological Association confirms that self-care has never been more important as we deal with the harsh realities of living amidst a global pandemic. A valuable tip is to find joy wherever you can and for many, joy can be found in beauty products. Beauty rituals can have a centering effect when we find ourselves overwhelmed with everything that's happening around us. Just a few minutes of pampering our skin and applying makeup is uplifting and encourages many to continue moving forward. And on a lighter note, there are some of the beauty products that had people buzzing this year.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

According to InStyle, this year has been tough on hair. With salons and barbershops shut down for many months, DIY hair care became the norm. People did their own trims and dyed their hair at home and while some succeeded, many did not fare so well. Hair experts do agree that investing in Dyson styling tools was worth it. While pricier than most, Dyson's technology prevents hair damage even when heat styling. Their latest addition and instant bestseller is the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener which is cordless, has three temperature settings and features flexible copper plates that lessen pulling and tugging on hair while you style. Allure is also a fan of Dyson AirWrap collection.

Humanrace Humidifying Cream