Since its debut in 2007, the BeautyBlender makeup sponge can be seen in every makeup artist and makeup junkie's arsenal of beauty tools. The revolutionary sponge is used wet and allows the seamless application of liquid and cream makeup products. It can even be used to apply sunblock. Over the years, BeautyBlender has released many different colors and sizes. Now, just in time for the holidays, the Zodiac Collection has been unveiled.

As you can predict, the collection features 12 unique designs based on the Zodiac calendar. BeautyBlender founder Rea Ann Silva tells Allure that she's had a lifelong obsession with astrology, and engraving the different star signs on her trademark hot pink sponge is a fun way to share it with other astrology enthusiasts. It's also a very timely product launch as Christmas is just weeks away, and everyone likes personalized gifts. All you need to know is your loved one's birthday, and you can match it with the right sign. Easy-peasy! Despite the special engraving, the Zodiac BeautyBlender costs the same as the original. It's now available on Sephora and, of course, the BeautyBlender official website.

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How to Use a BeautyBlender