BeautyBlender Launches Zodiac Collection for Astrology Lovers

Since its debut in 2007, the BeautyBlender makeup sponge can be seen in every makeup artist and makeup junkie's arsenal of beauty tools. The revolutionary sponge is used wet and allows the seamless application of liquid and cream makeup products. It can even be used to apply sunblock. Over the years, BeautyBlender has released many different colors and sizes. Now, just in time for the holidays, the Zodiac Collection has been unveiled.

As you can predict, the collection features 12 unique designs based on the Zodiac calendar. BeautyBlender founder Rea Ann Silva tells Allure that she's had a lifelong obsession with astrology, and engraving the different star signs on her trademark hot pink sponge is a fun way to share it with other astrology enthusiasts. It's also a very timely product launch as Christmas is just weeks away, and everyone likes personalized gifts. All you need to know is your loved one's birthday, and you can match it with the right sign. Easy-peasy! Despite the special engraving, the Zodiac BeautyBlender costs the same as the original. It's now available on Sephora and, of course, the BeautyBlender official website.

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How to Use a BeautyBlender

While the BeautyBlender has been around for years, some still make the mistake of using it dry. This has even prompted the brand to release a limited-edition color-changing sponge engraved with "Wet Me." The key step is saturating the sponge with water until it doubles in size. Then wring out all the excess water until you end up with a damp sponge. You can then start dipping the sponge into your liquid or cream products and apply makeup with bouncing motions onto your skin. It would be best to work with a makeup mixing palette to avoid wastage and product contamination.

To apply blush perfectly, BeautyBlender also has the smaller sponge called "Blush" to deliver just the right amount of your cream, powder, or gel blush onto the apples of your cheeks. There is also the "Micro Mini" sponge for concealing, color-correcting, highlighting, and contouring.

For touchups, BeautyBlender's Blotterazzi, is a reusable alternative to blotting papers. The only sponge in the entire collection that you can use dry, the Blotterazzi helps re-blend makeup and removes excess oil and shine.

How to Clean a BeautyBlender

BeautyBlender has formulated three types of cleansers to remove makeup from your sponges. First, the solid cleanser is a concentrated blend of palm oil, coconut oil, and aloe. The second is a liquid cleanser that can be used with any makeup brush or sponge. And third, there's the Instaclean fast-drying spray that's comparable to dry shampoo for those times when you just need a quick fix.

The first two cleansers are best paired with a silicone cleansing pad so you can clean your makeup brushes without deforming them. Try BeautyBlender's own Keep.It.Clean. silicone pad, but if you already have one, that will be fine, too. To clean your BeautyBlender, dampen it, rub it against the solid cleanser, pour some liquid cleaner onto it, and squeeze gently under running water until the water runs clear.

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