The Latest in Korean Skincare: Choc-Choc Skin (Photo: mamondekorea / Instagram )
Is the Korean 10-step routine too much for you? Get Choc-Choc Skin in 7 steps!

When Korean Skincare infiltrated the US market, it became so successful that even homegrown brands have developed products that closely resemble their Korean counterpart. We're not naming any names though. While the 10-step Korean skincare routine sounded laborious and time consuming, women everywhere became willing slaves because the results were fantastic. Ingredients like snail mucus, bee venom, fruit acids and hyaluronic acid became an ordinary thing and sales from Korean skincare (and makeup!) have been steady ever since.

The latest Korean skincare trend is called "Choc-Choc Skin." Ada Ooi, celebrity Facialist-Acupuncturist Skin & TCM Wellness Expert, describes choc-choc skin as "well-moisturized skin that has got a healthy, juicy and plumpy glow." The point is making sure your skin is well-hydrated and creating the right water-oil balance. Sounds just about right for winter season.

To achieve choc-choc skin, you need to follow these seven steps: