How To Curl Your Hair Without An Iron (Photo: Hamed Custer / Pexels)
Curling your own hair with an iron is tricky. Here's how to do it with simpler methods.

Using a curling iron on your own hair can be such a bother. It's easy when someone else does it for you, but when you're on your own, it doesn't seem worth the hassle. While curls look fun and effortless, achieving the look isn't. It is also worth mentioning that heat styling causes hair damage, especially if you're not used to doing it yourself and end up burning a hunk of hair. Don't fret. You can still get that easy breezy beachy hair without heated tools. Check out these simple techniques.

Braid Your Hair

The simplest way to curl your hair without an iron is to braid it. If you'd like big, loose curls, just do a single braid. If you prefer more defined curls, divide your hair into two to four sections then proceed to braiding. You can apply some curling mousse to damp hair, wait for it to dry a little more, then do your braids. For best results, leave it overnight and undo the braids in the morning.

Scrunch Away

If you're already blessed with natural waves, spray on some sea salt on damp hair and scrunch hair upwards to enhance your natural wave pattens. You can make your own sea salt spray with this recipe from Elle Magazine. You'll need:

Spray bottle

One cup hot water

Two teaspoons of sea salt

1 tablespoon of coconut or argan oil. You can add both and just put half a tablespoon of each.

Half a teaspoon of leave-on conditioner

A dab of water-based gel

For the last two ingredients, choose scents that compliment the coconut oil to avoid a weird-smelling spray.

Pour all ingredients into the spray bottle and shake. Mix thoroughly and spray liberally onto damp hair. You can braid your hair or make small buns and wait until nearly dry then let your hair down. Scrunch your hair and leave it to air dry completely.

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Velcro Rollers

A method that will surely be familiar to your grandma or mom, using Velcro rollers may be old school, but they do the job perfectly well. Get the big rollers for loose waves and the smaller ones for tighter curls. There are at least three different sizes of Velcro rollers available. Section your hair and start rolling from the bottom until you reach your scalp. For defined curls, make sure to take the right amount of hair. The thinner your sections are, the better. Secure with bobby pins and leave on for a few hours. Uncoil and finish with hairspray for extra hold.

The Bantu Method

A favorite curling technique from Stylecraze, this method can take a while, especially if you have a thick mane. It's perfect for tight curls though and its going to be worth your time. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner. Once hair is 80 percent dry, make two-inch sections. Twist each section until it looks like a tiny rope then wound it around itself to form knots. Secure it with bobby pins for a few hours or elastics if you're planning to leave it overnight. Cover with a shower cap if you'll sleep with them. You'll end up with tightly coiled curls in the morning. Once you've undone all bantu knots, finger comb to slightly loosen them up and finish with hairspray.

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