Sandra Oh’s Curly Hair Routine -- Revealed!

Sandra Oh curly hair
(Photo : Photo from Flickr by geekchic89) Sandra Oh curly hair

"Killing Eve" actress Sandra Oh reveals that her comeback on the BBC series has helped her love her curly hair. Now, she shares with us how she embraced her curly locks and what made her finally try the now-iconic curly bangs.

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson reveals how the bangs came to be! He recounts how he was sectioning off Oh's hair when a strand of hair fell from the center of her forehead. That's when he thought of giving the actress a cut with bangs!

Oh was reportedly hesitant at first, but she trusted her hairstylist with the big change.

Try on Bangs for Curly Hair

Sandra Oh's hairstylist revealed a hairstyle that's now trending, but what was he thinking?

"I feel a hairdresser has to know how to look at a woman and see something, perhaps they didn't see inside themselves."

The actress inspires us to freshen up our look and get curly hair bangs as well. But how can curly-haired girls let go of the fear of getting bangs and make this style work for them?

Tip: He went for flattering curly bangs making sure the cut was blunt-free to make this style work.

Don't forget to match the haircut to your face shape. Gibson suggests bangs that are narrow to create a lengthened effect on a wider face, and wider-cut bangs to balance a narrower face.

Don't Skip the Curling Iron

While the "Arli$$" actress has naturally-curly hair, she still goes for a curling iron to get more definition on her locks.

"Curling tongs are my best friend," reveals the actress. Her hairstylist suggests  Hair Tools for bouncier curls.

Tip: Section off your hair in varying thickness between 1 inch to 1 ½ inches for a more natural bounce.

Use a styling product for that next-level shine

When curly hair looks dry, it doesn't make you feel good about yourself. When drugstore hairsprays just won't work, take your cue from the stars.

Sandra Oh shares a hairstyling product her hairstylist used on Priyanka Chopra and Lupita Nyong'o. Gibson explains that while straight hair reflects light, "curly hair tends to absorb light."

That product is Shooting Star Texture Meringue, which Gibson says helps control frizz on curly hair, adds a shiny texture, and helps make it look bouncier.

Don't shampoo too much

Sandra Oh heeds her hairstylist's advice not to shampoo her curly locks often. If you feel the need to wash your hair, Gibson recommends to "shampoo a bit on the scalp to remove buildup and residue, but don't shampoo the lather over the ends of your hair."

How often to wash curly hair? Once a week should be fine.

Tip: Don't shampoo every day. If needed, shampoo only the top-part, around the scalp.

Use conditioner for your curly hair

The hair expert advised curly-haired girls to only condition from the mid-length to the bottom of your curly hair. "Keep conditioner off the scalp," explains Oh's hairstylist.

Tip: Wash off the conditioner with cool water - this helps add more shine to curly hair.

How about you, what are your beauty tips for beautiful curly locks?

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