What Color Should I Dye My Hair? (Photo : Element5 Digital / Unsplash)
Is your look getting stale? Dye your hair a different color!

A simple, yet effective, way of updating your look is to dye your hair a different color. If you are wary of going to the salon in this time of Covid-19, you can do it at home easily enough. DIY hair color is widely available and the choices these days are limitless. And so, you ask yourself, "What color should I dye my hair?"

The first thing to do is to check your complexion and determine your skin tone. This step will make a difference between looking washed out or becoming a glowing goddess. It's just like choosing the right lipstick.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

According to Bustle, you can do a shirt test. Examine your wardrobe and pick which colors look best on you. If you look great in yellow, orange, red and peach, your skin tone is warm. If blue, green or purple makes you glow, your skin tone is cool. What if, with a critical eye, you decide that you look really good in both color spectrums? This means your skin tone is neutral and you can pretty much experiment with all shades of hair colors.  

But wait, what if, like some people, your wardrobe is all in basic black, white, and gray? Reader's Digest suggests turning your wrists over and examining the color of your veins. Green or yellowish veins mean you are warm-toned. Blue or purple indicates you're cool-toned. Now you can move on to the fun part of choosing a hair color.

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Color Coding

The following are hair color options according to complexion and skin tone:

Fair and Warm

Think of Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, or Emma Stone. They all have fair complexions with warm undertones. Go for copper, red, or caramel tones. If you're extra adventurous, mix them up! However, if you decide on multiple colors, it is better to leave that to a professional colorist.

Fair and Cool

A fun fact from Reader's Digest, the paler you are, the more you can opt for the lightest of hair colors. If you're as pale as Nicole Kidman or Dakota Fanning, icy shades of blonde will work well for you. If you want to go dark, you will look best with a true red, jet black and dark brown. If you want to go beyond tried-and-tested shades, try violet, red violet, or a deep blue.

Olive and Warm

Think Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. You can try deep and rich colors in golden and caramel hues. For darker shades, look for ebony and mocha. If you want to go blonde, opt for honey tones. Do not reach for that Platinum Blonde box.

Olive and Cool

Staying in brown family works best for those with olive complexions. Highlights of caramel or honey blonde will help add some depth. You can venture of the side of red with shades like chestnut, autumn, and cinnamon. You can look to Bella Hadid for inspiration.

Deep and Warm

Picture Viola Davis. Inky black suits her and will look good on you,too. You can also try espresso, blue-black and deep violet. For highlighting options, cool hues of brown and blonde will work well.

Deep and Cool

This time think of Beyonce and Halle Berry. Caramel and toffee shades should work if you want to go blonde. For darker shades, maple and mahogany shades work best.  

People with medium complexions and neutral skin tones can try mostly anything. Just don't go too extreme. But as Instyle says, "the best hair color for you is always the one you want - period."

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