It’s Hers: Jennifer Lopez’s Haircare Launch (Photo: Screenshot from Hers / Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez pairs up with wellness brand Hers to launch hair care products.

With an enviable head of thick, lustrous hair, it's no surprise that actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has ventured into haircare. In a collaborative effort with wellness brand Hers, Lopez launches two new products for hair and scalp care.

Jennifer Lopez has always been a trendsetter. Ever since she broke into the entertainment industry, her stunning looks, voluptuous figure, daring fashion choices, chart-topping music and her signature Glow by JLo perfume have made their mark on rabid fans. This latest endeavor may just be as successful as early reviews look favorable.

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Let's check out the two products that Lopez had a hand in developing.

Detox Scalp Scrub 

According to Byrdie, the Detox Scalp Scrub contains salicylic acid, sugar and aloe vera. This mix of ingredients combat product build-up and dead skin cells. They're also supposed to restore lost moisture and soothe irritated scalps. With sweet peony and sandalwood, the scrub also promises to smell good.

The constant use of styling products like hairspray, gel, mousse and hair color causes build-up and excess sebum that can lead to hair loss. Detoxing will help keep your scalp and hair healthy. Use once a week in place of shampoo.

Rapid Repair Mask

While the Detox Scalp Scrub refreshes the scalp, the Rapid Repair Mask provides a major boost of hydration. Formulated with keratin, coconut oil and shea butter, dry and damaged hair will be a thing of the past. It is also free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates and mineral oil. Hers suggests swapping your conditioner twice a week with this repair mask. Byrdie adds that leaving it on for an extended amount of time is the ultimate moisture bomb.

Byrdie goes on to report that this new hair and scalp care duo are additions to an already successful line of Her products that are targeted towards women struggling with thinning or falling hair. If this is a major concern, Hers has a complete hair kit that helps with hair loss. It includes strengthening and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair, 2 percent minoxidil drops and Biotin gummies. Biotin, a part of the vitamin B family and also known as Vitamin H, play a big part in hair, skin and nail health.  

On their official website, Hers has already announced their partnership with Lopez and her fiancée, baseball great Alex Rodriguez. As avid users of the brand, Lopez and Rodriguez share the brand's sentiment that everyone should have access to high-quality products and they deserve to feel their best.

As quoted on their website, Hims & Hers CEO Andrew Dudum has expressed that, "Self-care is for everybody...No one should feel like they can't get the care they need because going to the doctor is too expensive or their symptoms are too embarrassing to talk about. We're thrilled to work with Jennifer and Alex to democratize access to the high-quality health and wellness products we all deserve."

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