How Often Should I Wash My Hair? (Photo: Erick Larregui on Unsplash)
Do you wash your hair everyday? Experts say that's a no-no. It all depends on your hair type.

"How often should I wash my hair," you ask? 

The answer depends on your hair type. There are different types of hair and each have their do's and don'ts. Your lifestyle can also play a part. If you work in places with a lot of air pollution, use a lot of hair products or workout daily, you may want to wash your hair more often. A good washing routine prevents dandruff, clogged pores and even hair loss. Read on to find out just how often you should wash your hair according to your hair type.


Straight hair tends to be flat and fine, but it can also be poufy and thick. It's also usually shiny since the oil from the scalp can easily travel from roots to tips. Cosmopolitan advices washing your hair every other day as your hair type can easily get greasy. While that greasy feeling can tempt you to shampoo daily, don't. Shampooing daily will dehydrate your scalp and it will only produce more oil to compensate. Using a gentle and volumizing formula is suggested. You can also start using dry shampoo to combat grease.


Wavy hair is characterized by multiple and defined waves from roots to tips. This is most common in brunettes and Asian hair, specifically. Wavy hair can be thick, coarse, and prone to frizz. It also tends to be dry so washing too often may strip off natural oils. Wash twice a week. If your scalp gets itchy, try shampoos with anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree oil and rosemary.

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If your hair has actual spirals, then you're a bona-fide member of the curly-hair club. Curly hair hates humidity and is also prone to dryness, frizz, and breakage. Wash every other day if you have an oily scalp and every two days if you do not. To keep your curls defined and moisturized, use a leave-on conditioner and apply on the bottom third of your hair.


Coily hair is curly times five. It can be tightly coiled and springy or follow a zigzag pattern. With all the twists and patterns, natural oils from the scalp can't nourish the hair as easily as straight hair so this hair type is more prone to damage. Wash your hair only once or twice a week so it stays hydrated. Stick to sulfate-free shampoos and use a clarifying shampoo often to prevent buildup. Of course, if you work outdoors and sweat a lot, wash more often. Like curly hair, leave-on conditioners are your best friend.

Damaged Hair

If a straightening or curling iron is your favorite hair styling tool, chances are high that you have damaged hair. The same goes if you bleach and color your hair regularly. Hair irons and chemical treatments leave stands dry, brittle, and dull. For damage repair, wash hair every two to three days and use sulfate-free shampoos. Keratin treatments will also help restore your hair's vitality.

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