Jones Road: Bobbi Brown Launches Clean Makeup Line (Photo: Jones Road Beauty / Instagram)
As clean beauty products are becoming more in demand, makeup guru Bobbi Brown reveals new clean makeup line.

Renowned makeup artist and bestselling author Bobbi Brown stages a triumphant comeback to the beauty scene with the launch of her new clean makeup line, Jones Road. Brown has always been a proponent of "less is more" when it comes to makeup. it is apparent that this newly released line produces natural looks with an edge, just like her former makeup line.

Bobbi Brown debuted her first makeup line in 1991 called Bobbi Brown Essentials at the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Selling 100 lipsticks in one day, she then developed and sold foundation sticks the following year. Makeup giant Estee Lauder took notice and acquired Bobbie Brown Essentials in 1995 with Brown keeping creative control of the makeup line. She stepped down from the company in 2016. Now she is back with Jones Road, a line of clean and multi-purpose makeup.

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In October 26, Allure shared the unveiling of six products:

Miracle Balm

A tinted and shimmery multi-use cream, the Miracle Balm comes in four shades: Au Naturel, Dusty Rose, Bronze and Tawny. According to Brown's website, it is made with argan and jojoba oil and "formulated to prefect enhance skin." Sheer but buildable, you can wear it alone or on top of foundation.

The Mascara

As Brown describes it on her website, The Mascara is black and ultra-pigmented that "separates, lifts and volumizes lashes." Designed with a curved wand, it promises to coat the whole eyelash easily.

Cool Gloss

Available in five shades, Cool Gloss moisturizes and plumps the lips with natural peppermint. It also has shea butter to soften and condition the lips. Allure writes that it can also be used to achieve that wet look on the eyelids and serve as a face gloss.

Sparkle Wash

A shimmery liquid eyeshadow in five shades, it is described as an ''exclamation point for the eyes.'' Expect zero creasing and excellent staying power. While beauty editors have tried this product, it is yet to be sold on the official website. Coming Soon.

The Best Pencil

Inspired by the eyeliner-heavy look of the 70s, this pencil eyeliner can be used to create a sharp graphic line or for blended and smokey looks. Like the Sparkle Wash, it is not sold separately yet, but you can buy it as part of a curated set.

Just A Sec Eye Tint

As part of Brown's curated Start-up Kit, this cream eyeshadow is fool-proof way of brightening tired yes. It can also be used on the cheekbones as a highlighter with its cushiony texture. It will be sold separately in six shades soon. The Start-up Kit features the shade Golden Peach to flatter all skin tones.

 Start-up Kit

The Start-up Kit is made up of universally-flattering shades from this clean makeup line. The set also features The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown, which is not available outside the set at the moment. As Brown writes, this set is what you will want to have if you end up in a desert island. The Start-up Kit includes Just A Sec Eye Tint in Golden Peach, The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown, The Best Pencil in Black and Cool Gloss in Original. As Allure reports, the price range of Jones Road is between $22 to $38 products, but you can get four full-sized makeup for $68 if you purchase the Start-up Kit.

As with most clean makeup, prices are on the high side. However, with less or zero toxic ingredients, it can be a worthy investment.

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