No one wants to ruin their date-night. Whether it is the first date, or it is the hundredth time, all everyone wants is that it would go perfectly with zero mess. But some unavoidable, awkward things happen sometimes, and the only way to cope with them is by having some quick fix before someone notice the disaster.

Date-night makeup tends to be bolder and more dramatic than the daytime makeup in order to glamorize the evening overall look. Bold, red lipstick is one of the looks that gets pulled off the most for a nighttime makeup. However, it can also lead to a disaster no one wants to see: the lipstick stain get on the teeth.

According to Huffington Style, in order to fix this awkward date-night disaster, once there is a little lipstick stain on the teeth, quickly put a clean index finger (or cover it with a tissue paper) in the mouth before wrapping lips around it, and slowly pull it out. Watch the video below this article for more understanding in doing this trick!

Another problem that can happen to a lip makeup is when the lipstick starts fading and the lip liner still stays, which usually happens during a date-night dinner. To fix this mishap, avoid using a lip liner with the same color to the lipstick and apply it only around the lips. Instead, try to use a lip liner that is close to the natural lip color and apply it all over the lips.

Going on a date-night also means there is a possibility of taking a picture with the date using a camera with the flash on. When someone puts too much powder on, the thick, uneven makeup in the picture will be noticable. According to Elle Canada, to fix this trouble, all that needed to be done is to gently pat a moisturized tissue paper on the face including forehead, chin and cheeks.

Clumpy mascara also often becomes a disaster that looks so apparent for a date-night makeup. To fix this problem, try to regularly clean off the mascara wand before using it. When applying mascara, start from under eyelashes, the closest side to the eyelid, and slowly brush outward.

Besides the bold lipstick, the dramatic eye makeup is also a signature look for a date-night. However, sometimes this leads to some smudging around the eyes. According to Refinery29, the quick fix for this mishap is by using the soft sponge-tip applicator that usually is included in a brush set. Simply pat the applicator on the area where the smudge is or smooth it under the eye to make it look intentional.

A date-night look may not be easy to fix, as the dramatic, bold makeup often becomes apparent especially when there is a mishap. With the quick hacks, now the problem can be easily fixed with a snap!

Here is a video to demonstrate how to fix a lipstick stain mishap on the teeth: