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Oliver Hudson Reveals His Botox Experience

Oliver Hudson Reveals His Botox Experience
Oliver Hudson Reveals His Botox Experience(Photo : GettyImages/ Oliver Hudson Celebrities Visit Build)

Oliver Hudson shared on his latest podcast episode he got botox for the first time.

Oliver Hudson reveals his botox experience on his podcast "Sibling Revelry" with sister, Kate Hudson. His recent cosmetic treatment is a proof that real men do care about skin and beauty remedies.

The 44-year old actor narrated that he went to get his treatment with Beverly Hills top-facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. Aside from botox, Oliver Hudson also scheduled other beauty treatments, including the vampire facial.

According to Oliver on his podcast live, he was "asking a million questions" then like, if there had been many celebrities who have done, if it is common for men who to undergo botox, and if other celebrity men have actually done it. According to Oliver, his doctor, Dr. Diamond said the number of male celebrities he has handled would shock him. 

Oliver Hudson detailed his experience with no hesitations. "I went inside and I had blood spattered all over my face," he said. "And then they microneedle it in there. Then they did a f----ing laser."

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the vampire facial is a cosmetic procedure of using the patient's blood and extracting the plasma. Using the microneedle, the doctor injects the particles back to the patient's face.

Oliver completed his laser and vampire facial treatment, which he is amazed at how the technology works.

 "I did the vampire facial, where they spin blood and it was crazy," Oliver explained. "He just took a needle and was squirting it all over my face, it was cold," he added.

Dr. Diamond recommended Oliver to get a botox on his forehead after the vampire facial and laser treatment. The actor was undecided, but the doctor convinced him, and he agreed to do it.

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Oliver Hudson botox effect

Oliver said he didn't feel anything when the doctor injected botox in his forehead. However, after two days, he tried making an expression in the mirror. "One eyebrow literally goes up into my hairline," the actor narrated, and his sister Kate laughed in the background.

Oliver contacted Dr. Diamond for advice and about what happened on his forehead with the botox effect. The actor laughed as he reveals his botox experience. "You just ruined my life. I look like a villain," Oliver said. Dr. Diamond invited Oliver to visit the clinic and have his forehead fixed with another shot.

Kate Hudson is supportive of his brother and explained that other people received different effects on botox. The actress goes all out for his brother to feel confident and tells not to mind other people.

Oliver Hudson realized that cosmetic treatments are fun and surprising. His first-time experience did not stop him from setting another appointment. "I don't have a stigma about it," he says.

Botox treatment has been a popular cosmetic procedure. Many celebrities and normal individuals undergo botox treatment. Always consult and go for legal and certified doctors to get the treatment to avoid complications.

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