Get to Know the French-Girl Beauty Tips from Netflix "Emily in Paris"

Get to Know the French-Girl Beauty Tips from Star Lily Collins of "Emily in Paris"
Get to Know the French-Girl Beauty Tips from Star Lily Collins of "Emily in Paris"(Photo : Lily Collins in "Emily in Paris" NETFLIX)

French-girl beauty tips to look like Lily Collins from her inspiring role in the show "Emily in Paris".

French-girl beauty unleashes minimal makeup and with mussed up hair for ladies. It is about French women looking perfectly imperfect, without even trying too hard. The French idea of beauty is to stay on natural glow with little makeup yet with good skincare.

Emily in Paris

"Emily in Paris" stars Lily Collins in her role as Emily Cooper, who transforms into a new woman in Paris. She travels to Paris with an "American perspective" only to find out that a new culture takes to evolve in her image. While trying to start a new life, a new career in a new country, Emily enjoys the beauty of the French way.

The show reveals a lot of image transformations with Emily and her version of "French-girl beauty." As the show progresses it brings a similar look like that of Audrey Hepburn and Caroline de Maigret. Her fashion shifts from wild prints to sophistication.

Paris-based hairstylists Mike Desir and Aurelie Payen are doing all the french-girl transformation to Emily. "All the details concerning her makeup, hair, clothes had to be at the top of fashion as she lived in Paris, the city of fashion", Payen shared with Refinery.

Desir and Payen reveal the hair and makeup secret of "Emily in Paris" to get the tricks for French-girl beauty.


French-girl beauty tips and tricks

Here are some of the tips and tricks to get that French-girl beauty. 

Hat in style the French way

Desir shares that Emily used a lot of hats and berets on the show. While changing hats from different scenes and messing with Emily's hairstyle, he uses hairspray. It is great to hold and gives soft texture instead of fixing hat hair in-betweens. Desir recommends to wave hair in the middle part, loosely twisting your hair at the sides and front. Better to place a hair accessory on your head to keep it in place. This is what he did to Emily when she takes off her hat during scenes and her waves bounce right back into place. French-girl beauty makes it look effortless in hairtsyles.

French-girl beauty skincare is consistency

French makeup artist starts with beautiful skin before working out on your skin. "Keeping Lily's skin perfect was my goal during those four months filming in Paris. As a makeup artist for almost 20 years, I know that skincare is the most important everyday ritual before makeup. That's why I needed the best products," Payen shared with Refinery.

Payen starts by using a facial oil and thoroughly massage Lily's face. She uses a lip balm to smooth the lips following a Collagen Hydrogel patching to Lily's under eyes. After all the skin ritual, Payen then starts to work on her makeup.

The Art of Day-to-Night Makeup

According to Payen, "French-girl beauty is effortless during the daytime, but a bit more sophisticated in the evening. French girl likes to highlight lips or eyes for a party."

Payen uses top of the line brand in her makeup line. She uses a foundation as the base, dabbed with a cream blush for apple cheeks and Lily's eyelids. She finished a few swipes of volume mascara for the night makeup.

She recommends patching Collagen gel on the lips to keep it hydrated before the lipstick.

Brow Highlighting

Payen set a highlighting shade to Lily's brow that is lighter than her natural skin tone. She brushed them up with brow gel to make it bold, square-shaped brows all day.

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