How to Style Short Hair: Easy Tutorial GuideCredit : Sebastian Bronley on Unsplash

How to style short hair in fun, easy steps, and still look gorgeous all day long.

Get ready and learn ways on how to style short hair with an easy guide.

Short hair is easy to maintain and there are a bunch of cool ways to style it. Whether your plan is for work, a casual meeting, or a party, you can create eye-catching looks with short hair.

Here are easy-to-manage short hairstyles. Try to incorporate accessories like braids, clips, and headbands.

How to style short hair in the easiest steps

Use a spray to hold and style

Volume is the key, styling your short hair by using a spray helps to give it a grip. Texturizing spray will help your hair to bounce without letting it mess up even if it's windy.

Braid style your short hair

Try to style your short hair in a braid and do it like a "crown", use a bobby pin to secure it on the sides. Highlight it with cute accessories to make your style more pop! There are many braid styles that you can choose from. You can check video tutorials and select which ones suit your style.

Criss-cross two headbands over your short hair

Stubborn short hair at times is hard to handle. A cute way is to tie it all in one ponytail and criss-cross a headband around your head for a flawless look. Finish it with a spray or a styling mouse to have sleek and smooth sides.

Use bobby pins

Bobby pins are an accessory you can't miss if you have short hair. Pin your bangs with bobby pins in a "V" shape. Another option is to pin your hair at the sides in one section. Use spray as it keeps the frizz away.

Hair gel for a smooth frizz

Hair frizz and flyaways are a nuisance. Use a hair gel to keep the frizz in place. Be sure to check the amount of gel you put, it helps to keep short hair bouncy and soft.

Create fake bangs

To keep your short hair in style, create fake bangs at the side. Get the right section of hair and sweep the hair across your forehead. Secure the fake bangs behind the side of your ear and use a headband to let it stay the whole day.

Use a salt spray for a beachy style

Mix water and salt for your own salt spray. Then use the mixture to spray on your short hair. Afterward, use your hand and curl hair from the scalp to your hair tip. The wavy style effect can be achieved more if you have small curlers. Clamp it by section while spraying it all together.

Define natural curls with your short hair

Natural curls can be fun with a few tips and tricks. Do not comb curly hair as often, instead use your fingers to keep the strands in place. If you plan to add more volume and style, use a curling iron to play around with the hair waves. 

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