Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics Are Banned in California

California the First State to Ban 24 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics
California the First State to Ban 24 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics(Photo : Unsplash/Amplitude Magazin)

Toxic ingredients cause harmful effects on the human body. On September 30, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the new bill that bans two dozen toxic ingredients used in cosmetics. Cosmetic companies can no longer use such toxic ingredients in their skincare products.The ban will take effect in the State of California by 2025. 

This bill stops any company from using 24 harmful ingredients. A list of harmful ingredients, including mercury, parabens, and 22 is detailed in the bill. 

The Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act was authored by Democratic Assembly member Al Muratsuchi. He is one of the big leaders in the beauty industry. According to Al Muratsuchi, "The science is clear on the harmful nature of these chemicals. AB2762 will provide Californians with consumer protection. The European Union already made this kind of practice."

California, first state to ban toxic ingredients

California is the first state to stop the use of toxic ingredients in cosmetics. The ban will help costumers to understand the unsafe factors present in skincare products.
The State of California has been doing many studies on health and safety. They want to protect customers and help them spend more on safe products. California represents the sixth-largest economy in the world.

Many countries may ban toxic ingredients as well

Around the world, 40 other nations have similar laws in place. It is good to know the harmful effects of dangerous factors in cosmetics. Costumers will have choices about what to buy and support the list of safe cosmetic brands.

Toxic ingredients in cosmetics have been linked to serious health conditions. Studies show some ingredients makes it harmful for women to conceive and could also hurt the human brain.

There are many harmful effects of ingredients in cosmetics that are in the market. A person may get skin diseases and hormonal problems. Most toxic ingredients are from the foundation, nail polish, and other beauty products.

Harvard Medical School suggested that long-time use of unsafe products in food is dangerous. Cosmetic and personal care products are also used daily in many households.

Effective ways to avoid toxic ingredients in cosmetics

Here are some tips to aovid toxic ingredients in cosmetics.

Understand the skincare ingredients

When you plan to buy cosmetics, always check the list of elements in it. There is also a skincare ingredients checker available on the web.

Check for Food and Drug Administration seal

If the product has an FDA seal (Food and Drug Administration), it has passed the quality check and is safe to use. In the United States, the FDA banned 11 toxic ingredients to use in beauty products.

Consult your doctor

If you encounter any skin allergies always consult with your physician. Ask for a safe product to use. Do not use harmful ingredients without consultation. Most to watch for children that have sensitive skin.

Support Organic products

More brands are now shifting to organic ingredients. It may cost more dime but it is safe to use.
There are "how to do" videos for creating your own organic soap and more. It will take time but while staying at home this quarantine, it's worth trying. 

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