Beauty junkies well know that the National Lipstick Day is nearing, and MAC is surely here to make this day oh-so special.

The National Lipstick Day isn't entirely as grand as the much-celebrated Fourth of July, but it certainly will be important for makeup hoarders this year. After all, beloved cosmetics brand MAC is giving their fans a treat by offering free lipstick.

Yup, MAC is giving away lipsticks for absolutely no charge in line of the July 29 celebration. Who doesn't want free stuff? The best things in life are free, the infamous maxim says, and this upcoming treat is a nod to this.

No Purchase Required

Now, people may think a catch may be hiding somewhere in this supposed giveaway. After all, there are many instances wherein makeup products get sold through "promos," but these obviously are the products that are nearing expiration or something that are not in pristine condition.

With MAC's free lipsticks on the National Lipstick Day, people aren't at fault as to why they may think that the freebies may come in mini sizes or sample products, but it is safe to say that the cosmetics brand is giving out free stuff that are not substandard and are just like the ones sold at a regular price.

Better than this, there is really no fine print or conditions in order to get free MAC lipsticks. Too good to be true? This celebration may just slam that thought. Beauty junkies don't have to buy any product or bring old items or collate receipts from previous purchases. Nope, though one is required to bring their perseverance and patience.

In short, MAC is literally giving out their famous lipsticks for free for nothing in return. Just head on to their store and get the perfect shade from the wide range offered. That said, it is safe to assume that a lot has probably gotten wind of this great deal, so one should just pack a lot of determination during the National Lipstick Day.

Offered Shades

Last year, stocks easily got sold out because of throngs of makeup fans flooding stores. This means that it is highly likely to happen this year again. Each customer is entitled to get one $18.50-lipstick for free on National Lipstick Day as long as there are still stocks.

But wait, things just get better. There are various shades offered that are guaranteed to make one a scene-stealer. These are Tanarama, Aloof, Moxie, Dare You, Chintz, Mixed Media, Florabundi, Epic, and Delish.