MAC Cosmetics has been releasing some teasers for their beauty influencer collaboration in the past months. Last week, the lipstick collection was finally revealed and it came out a surprise for some people.

The makeup company had worked with ten beauty v-loggers and makeup artists on this projects for sometime. According to Allure, MAC went to a selective process in choosing the right influencers before finally came up with ten beauty pros from around the globe. Gabriel Zamora and Laura Lee had been picked to represent the US influencers, along with others such as Fleur De Force from the UK, Samantha Ravndahl from Canada, Enjoy Phoenix from France.

Though many people anticipated the collection would be rich in colors and textures, turned out the products came with neutral, less-risky colors, and only one influencer picks a red shade. According to Popsugar, the lipsticks are out with nude shades that are perfect for any kind of skin tones. These lipsticks vary in textures, ingredients and . in the interviews, the beauty gurus revealed their inspirations between the shades and even the names of the products themselves.