Aerie's Lingerie Campaign Puts The Spotlight On Models With Disabilities


American Eagle's lingerie brand, Aerie, is proving to be a good example by advocating representation and inclusivity with its newest campaign that gives long-overdue spotlight to people with disabilities and illnesses.

One doesn't need to be a walking copy of a Victoria's Secret model to wear a lingerie. Heck, everyone can wear anything they want, or none at all, as long as it makes them sexy and confident. With the age where brands are slowly trying their best to cater to all women, Aerie stands out recently for its efforts in featuring gorgeous women with disabilities modeling their lingerie.

Aerie just launched a campaign on its websites, where photos of women with diabetes, vitiligo, and those who use crutches and wheelchairs, and many others take centerstage. Abby Sams, who modeled for the brand, couldn't contain her happiness over the brand's effort for representation. She took to Twitter to share her photos and other models' campaign pictures, all while expressing her amazement of the campaign.

"Aerie just sneakily released some of my photos! Look at this disability representation people!!! Also look at me because I cant believe it's actually me so yeah," Sams wrote.

Additionally, the campaign has brought together strong women that could tell a powerful story. Sams described other models she worked with as "amazing," and despite having different battles to face, she revealed that they have a lot in common.

Positive Reaction

Meanwhile, the campaign did not only spark a friendship among the models, but it also made a lot of those feeling underrepresented empowered by the Aerie campaign. It proves how brands can be a platform to make a huge impact on the lives of people.

Many expressed their happiness over the campaign, which they said was the first time they felt represented. User @Mizz_j_smith said she cried when she saw a model that could finally make her daughter "less self conscious with her diabetes."

The reactions on the campaign are mostly positive, with a lot of users seeing themselves in the models of Aerie. The lingerie brand is certainly making this situation a win-win for the company, for those underrepresented, and for their market.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Aerie made its customers happy with some fast-forward thinking on inclusivity and representation. In 2014, it's #AerieReal campaign showcased models in ads that were not Photoshopped or altered. That took a punch to the standards that models need to fit in a mold to be considered beautiful or sexy. After that, their sales increased.

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