Gabriela Artigas, whose jewelries were worn by the likes of Meghan Markle and Gwyneth Paltrow, is opening up a shop on Melrose Avenue.

The Los Angeles-based jeweler is bringing unique works of art more accessible and convenient to customers by showcasing the sparklers in a shop. Not only that, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, the brand is also launching 10-piece Cosmos collection that is dreamy, to say the least.

The Cosmos collection is a reinvention of their best-sellers, including a two-finger ring and a tusk necklace, but with a touch of pearl. The prices range from $280 to $790.

"The new headquarters for Gabriela Artigas & Company, the space will multitask as an appointment-only store, showroom and studio for the team and marks their first expansion into brick-and-mortar retail," the website said.

The jewelries are not the only things that's artsy in the shop. The furniture and small details are also created artistically, thanks to Gabriela and Tere Artigas' brother, Alejandro Artigas. He founded the company Artless, and one of the most notable fixtures in the shop is a green marble table.


On their aesthetics, Tere said they're into creating heirloom pieces, those that literally don't fade through time. Timeless pieces, after all, will look fashionable and elegant even after the years. The same goes to their shop's design, where they carefully and thoughtfully kept things simple and sleek, a reflection of their jewelries.

What customers can see in the shop is Gabriela Artigas & Company's jewelries in sterling silver. Along with this are the gold plated pieces and a 14-karat gold with diamonds and other stones, like a tennis bracelet that has a price tag of $4,500. Add to this the bridal line with eight engagement rings. There are also necklaces with tiny initials that sells for $180, and $35 for extra letters and $60 for additional diamonds.

Other beautiful creations are gold bobby pins that are available for $680, a dual-purpose paperweight, $180, and hair accessories like the $160-gold-plated barrette. Apart from these, there is also a minimalist gold-plated jewelry box which sells for $370 and a candle for $65.

For men, offered are pendant necklaces, cuff links, and signet rings. The brand pretty much welcomes most customized orders. With the Duchess of Sussex noticing the brand, it may be high time to visit the shop. Markle wore the Gabriela Artigas & Company's $350-Triple Shooting Star earrings in April, while Goop founder Paltrow went for the $1,350-Reloaded Tusk Ring.