Beyoncé Snapchat Photos Shock The Internet

The Queen B has been teasing the internet by sharing some Snapchat photos and videos on Instagram. While the singer is known for her principle to keep her life private, seeing her using Snapchat comes up a surprise to her fans. Beyoncé is also known for giving very unexpected surprises in the past, including her pregnancy news and several surprise album releases.

Snapchat would often be viewed as more intimate social media, and Beyoncé has been known for not having one for a long time, until recently. According to Refinery29, Beyoncé posted a flipagram video, which merged photos and videos of her and Blue Ivy, on her Instagram account. The photos and videos are including Beyoncé in her cream coat and white dress, her jewelry and her daughter posing with braids.

But what keeps the fans crazy is the videos and photos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy with Easter bunny, leopard ears and the fancy 70's glasses Snapchat filters. Some fans reacted on the post comment section or even created some funny posts in response to it. One of Beyoncé's fan base Instagram account @beylite posted a photo of Beyoncé holding a poster that says "You will never find my Snapchat" with rainbow and unicorn decorations.

According to Elle, the news about Beyoncé's private Snapchat has been sniffed since last August after her mother posted a video of Beyoncé singing with the face-swap filter, a feature known from Snapchat. Her mother, Tina Lawson, seemed clueless about Snapchat herself, saying "It's really cool ! I have to learn to do this" in the caption.

In February, Beyoncé also posted a photo of her and her daughter with the Snapchat's deer filter. The mother and daughter posed for a selfie taken at NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans a few weeks after she announced her pregnancy on Instagram.

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