MTV 'The Hills' Alum Heidi Montag Says She's Done Getting Plastic Surgeries

Reality star Heidi Montag has shared her regrets over having undergone several cosmetic surgeries and vowed to not put herself under the knife again in an interview with Extra.

"I'm just done with all of it," Montag said. "I'm going to age gracefully and bow out." The MTV "The Hills" alum also mentioned which parts of her body she regrets to have been enhanced.

"I have TMJ now and my jaw hurts," Montag said about the effect of her chin reduction. "I don't think people do tell you the trauma of what you're going to heal from. I was in so much pain, I actually thought I was going to die."

Montag also mentioned a surgery she had last year to have her breast implants reduced.

"My implants were falling through," she explained. "They were three pounds each so I was really miserable."

She also revealed that mean comments about her physical appearance were what pushed her to undergo several enhancement procedures.

"Blogs were just starting then. People would write the meanest, nastiest things," Montag said. "Sometimes I would read them and then I started feeling them. I disliked myself so much. I literally chopped up my own body."

Speaking to Life & Style last year, Montag said she wishes her future daughter with husband Spencer Pratt will never undergo any cosmetic surgery.

"I would definitely advise against it," Montag told the publication. "And hopefully I'd raise her in a way that she doesn't feel the pressure or need."

In 2010, after undergoing ten surgeries in a day, Montag revealed in an interview with People that she was "obsessed" with plastic surgery and that all the procedures she had done cost her more than $30,000.

Montag and Pratt came close to filing for bankruptcy the following year, according to In Touch, and Montag's surgeries contributed a lot to the loss in their finances.

"I spent thousands on the procedures and after-care," Montag revealed. "I had private nurses coming twice a day for two months for treatments and bandage changes. Each time they came it cost $2000. I wish I didn't waste so much money on it."

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