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Reggae Legend Bob Marley's Family Announce 'First Global Cannabis Brand'

ByJordianne Cornejo
Nov 19, 2014 05:02 AM EST

The family of the late reggae legend Bob Marley has announced the release the world's "first global cannabis brand," the Huffington Post reports.

Marley Natural will sell a variety of cannabis-infused products, including creams, lotions and other topical products late next year. The products will be sold in locations where the selling of marijuana is legal.

The family - represented by Marley's wife Rita, son Rohan and daughter Cedella - is developing the brand with Privateer Holdings, a company based in Washington state, according to BBC.

"If you were to try and pick one person in the history of the world associated with this product, it would be Bob Marley," said Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings. "Everyone has a little Bob Marley on their playlist and that's different than anything else out there in this market."

Kennedy added that they aim for the products to be based upon the reggae legend's way of life. "We're doing out of respect for Bob and out of respect for his vision," he told Fast Company.

He also shared that Privateer and the Marley family started planning the project in February 2013 but did not reveal the nature of the business to ninety-nine percent of their investors.

"Up until three months ago, there were maybe six people who knew we were working on this," Kennedy revealed.

Cedella said the legendary musician would be "so happy" to know that marijuana and its healing effects will be made available to many people.

"Everytime he smoked, he was inspired," Cedella shared. "And an open mind was the open door for his creative inspiration. He thought the herb was actually a gift."

Marley was known for using marijuana as part of his Rastafarian faith and claimed he used it for his spiritual growth and healing.

Marley, who spearheaded the reggae culture in the US, popularized many songs including "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Exodus." He died of cancer in 1981.

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