Snoop Dogg Previews New Song With Pharrell In Vlog About Marijuana

Veteran rapper Snoop Dogg has teased a new collaboration with producer and singer Pharrell Williams in an infomercial for MoonRocks, a commercial brand of a strain of medical marijuana, according to NME.

The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr. and who has collaborated with Williams a few times in the past, played a portion of the new song while the infomercial was being filmed. The title of the track is "Lightning Strikes," says a repot by The Guardian.

Broadus lip-synched along a part of his rap verse and on Williams' sung chorus, while showing a jar of MoonRock , a commercially available strain of medical marijuana. The company behind the product is owned by Broadus' frequent collaborator, rapper Ricardo Brown, better known as Kurupt.

In the video, he raps, "I do my thang, my planet's Krypton/home of the freaks, come get yo MoonRocks, I am G." Broadus proceeds, shouting a line from the chorus, "When lightning strikes, you know it."

He then turned the music off and said, "That's enough of that music. I can't let you hear all that shit cause you be done put the shit out. Yo ass got a verse and a half."

Broadus and Williams have worked together in the past, releasing singles like "Beautiful" and "Drop It Like It's Hot," said MTV.

Referring to the infomercial that previews the new song by the rapper and singer, The Guardian notes that it's odd for Snoop Dogg to vouch for a legal drug operation despite his reputation as a user of marijuana. The report also states that MoonRock is aimed at California's vibrant medical marijuana market.

Meanwhile, the rapper is said to be working on his first rap album since 2011's "Doggumentary." The rapper's last album was 2013's "Reincarnated," with which he transitioned into being a reggae artist.

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