Psy's breakout hit "Gangnam Style" was the first video to break two million views on YouTube, and his latest hit featuring Snoop Dogg, "Hangover," should achieve the same success!

We see Psy throwing up, taking shots, and Snoop Dogg waking up in a bathtub along with an appletini fountain and twerking. The video premiered June 8 on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and already reached 5 million views on YouTube. It also features a kazoo solo in the middle of the madness.

Last month Psy told TMZ he partied with the rapper off-camera during the video shoot.

"We were hangover," he explained.

Their Kimmel appearance also included a hilarious skit where the three attend a karaoke bar in LA and croon "That's What Friends Are For."

Psy has a knack for viral videos. After the roaring success of "Gangnam Style," he released follow up hit "Gentlemen." The video boasts almost 700 million views since its debut last year.

"Two billion views; they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers," Psy said of his first video. "With the appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!!"

The song is allegedly a teaser for upcoming Psy song "Daddy," due out this summer.

"Hangover" did not impress as much, with several fans expressing their disgust on twitter.

"I dont like psy's new song. 80% is english and the bad autotune. And snoop dogg. -." user @LCAYLB98 wrote.

"Snoop Dogg is now doing songs with like of Psy. The man will literally do anything nowadays. Reckon I could pay him a fiver to hoover my car," @OriginalJBell agreed.

@YasuoRT echoed these claims, writing, "the new song Hangover by PSY is the biggest load of trash I've ever seen, the music is awful, Snoop Dogg (Lion) and Korea doesn't work..."

Watch "Hangover" below and let us know what you think!