Kris Jenner revealed that her divorce from husband Robert Kardashian has helped her a lot in dealing with her split with Bruce Jenner.

During an appearance on "The Talk" Tuesday, Nov. 4, the 59-year-old Kardashian matriarch admitted that breaking up with someone is always difficult, but she said that people have the power to choose not to make such a thing even harder for them than it is already. It is all in the mind.

"I think you choose to do things," Kris said at the CBS daytime talk show, according to E! News. "I went through a divorce a long time ago with Robert Kardashian and it was not fun. It was so scary and I was so young and I had four kids and it was... and then we ended up being best friends. But there was a period of a couple of years in there where it was really, you know, ugly and hard. You didn't want the kids to take sides."

But regardless of how ugly her divorce with Robert was, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star said that she learned a lot from it.  

"That was a really good learning experience for me, because I learned how to deal with something again...if it ever came up and now we're going through it," Kris explained. "You can choose to do things in a real grown-up way and be friends through something and make it so that everyone around you is comfortable and happy."

And that is the kind of divorce she wants to have with his husband of 22 years Bruce. "It's a decision. Love is a decision, divorce is a decision," she told the ladies of "The Talk," as quoted by Us Weekly. "It's not a good decision, but we're happier living apart than we were together. Everybody feels it."

Speaking of happiness, Kris looked like she was having a good time with her new boyfriend Corey Gamble when they were recently photographed unloading their baggage after a short romantic getaway to Mexico.

Kris and Corey, a music industry executive who also co-manages Justin Bieber alongside Scooter Braun, recently flew to Mexico together for a quick vacation alone. The new couple spent some time at Joe Francis' Punta Minta vacation house, according to Hollywood Life.