Now that he's engaged to Kim Kardashian,  Kanye West has made his bizarre best man list. The "Yeezuz" rapper included his fiance' late father, Robert Kardashian and the late Steve Jobs on his list.

According to Hollywood Life, North West's father has narrowed down his picks to just three contenders including those two deceased people.

A source told the celebrity news site that West had a particular reason for choosing Kardashian's dad.

"[West] thought it would be a cool gesture if his best man was Robert Kardashian as in Kim's dad," the source said. "And he thought that Kim could choose Kanye's Mom [who passed away in 2007] as her maid of honor, so she doesn't have to pick between her sisters."

The rapper was actually being sweet and sentimental by choosing the reality TV's best man when she was growing up.

"It would be a tribute to those important figures in their life that have been lost," added the source.

Picking the Apple co-founder also meant a lot to West, who wants to reportedly have an extravagant wedding.

"[He's] actually one of Kanye's heroes, Steve Jobs, which we all know is dead as well," the source continued. "But Kanye is definitely thinking out of the box on this one and this is [his] current mindset."

As for the last name on that interesting list, it should come as no shock to the lyricist's fans.

"His first choice is himself, because he believes that he is the best man, and who can be better?" said the source, adding that with an ego as healthy as Kanye's, this shouldn't really come as a surprise.

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