Kanye West Releases Shocking Clip for 'Black Skinhead' Off of Yeezus Album [VIDEO,] New Dad to North West Takes It Down From His Website

Kanye West released a new music video for his first single, "Black Skinhead" off his new album, "Yeezus" on Monday.

Soon after the imagery-heavy, dark clip debuted, it disappeared from the rapper's website, according to the Huffington Post. With so much buzz over the controversial single, the move was a surprise, with many wondering if the clip was prematurely posted and not thoroughly edited. It featured a CGI version of West and some other potentially shocking visuals.

[For the clip, click HERE.]

Animated faces in black hoods appear alongside barking dogs and an avatar of a rapping and dancing West, who wears a facemask in the clip, reported HP. West looks almost like a zombie, appearing to be in a trance. And with a talked-about clip, the single, which was released on Thursday, is gaining steam. 

The trailer for Martin Scorsese's forthcoming film, "Wolf of Wall Street" starring Leonardo DiCaprio features West's song, according to NME. 

"Black Skinhead" is a pulsating track, filled with pounding percussion that is almost as attention demanding as his lyrics. According to Slate, the song might be the "harshest and most abrasive" of West's musical offerings on the new album. The dramatic clip is rather haunting, described as "evok[ing] nightmares" and having lyrics that contribute to its "battle-ready" mood.

West's shirtless avatar jumps "in and out" of the darkness, with a "hardened physique outlined in a metallic hue." The video is a re-creation of West's much-talked about Saturday Night Live performance in May, reported Slate.

Check out West's SNL performance and tell us what you think in the comments section below!    


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