Comedian Chris Rock appeared on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" Saturday as host and was joined by musician Prince as this week's musical guest, Entertainment Weekly reported.

This is Rock's second time hosting the show after his first stint back in 1996 and after being a cast member in the early '90s. Rock claimed that he "spent most of the his time there on the bench" due to the number of large number of cast members the show had at the time.

Now he has another chance to host the show and started things off with a monologue that talked about the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11 and the commercialization of Christmas, according to PEOPLE.

Rock also performed a parody of "Shark Tank" where he played a member of ISIS, and was joined by Kenan Thompson on a skit on Obama's presidency.

Rock also showed off a musical number and a sketch about listeners getting vertigo from a Taylor Swift song.

"Over the last one month, realizing you love Taylor Swift has become the leading cause of vertigo in adults," said Dr. David Doctor, played by SNL's Beck Bennett. "That's why now, there's Swiftamine, the fast-acting antihistamine tablet that's pink and bubbly just like Taylor herself."

The SNL cast also spoofed Suge Knight and Katt Williams in the Weekend Update. The two were arrested on Oct. 29 after allegedly stealing a photographer's camera last month. Thompson played Knight, and was shown smoking a cigar before getting shot.

"My body got so much lead, I'm like a 300-pound No. 2 pencil," Thompson said.

Prince also appeared on the show as this week's musical guest and serenaded the crowd with an 8-minute medley, according to Billboard. The medley consisted of new songs from his two albums, Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum.

This is Prince's first appearance on the show since 2006 and SNL curbed its usual two four-minute performance numbers to let Prince perform in both a guitars and a piano.

"Saturday Night Live" will return on Nov. 15 with Woody Harrelson as host and Kendrick Lamar as musical guest of the week.