"American Idol" Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson elicited a positive reaction from Taylor Swift after Clarkson covered Swift's "Shake It Off" during her concert at Buffalo, New York, E! News reported.

Donning a loose-fitting black outfit, Clarkson stirred curiosity among the crowds when she hinted the next song she was singing.

"This is a church song, this is a soulful song, this is one of my favorite songs out right now," she said.

Clarkson teased the audience and said, "And you think you know it but you don't. It's not Sam Smith."

Clarkson referred to "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith, which is another cover she did in a free concert at Charlotte, N.C. on Oct. 21 , according to US Weekly.

Meanwhile, the original singer of "Shake It Off" was surprised by Clarkson's performance.

Swift tweeted, "Watching Kelly Clarkson SLAY 'Shake It Off' is an excellent way to celebrate 26 HOURS TIL 1989!!!!! #TS1989," with a link to the cover, the report said.

"Love this song! Hope you like our gospel beginning ha! We had fun with it! Congrats on the new album coming out girl!" Clarkson replied.

The album which Clarkson referred to is "1989," Swift's latest record which will be released Monday, according to E! News.

Hailed as the queen of covers, Clarkson did the concert as part of Microsoft's campaign to promote their official store, which they opened last year at Walden Galleria, Buffalo City, according to dl.

Clarkson's pregnancy and illness, however, restrained the organizers from doing the concert in November 2013, which was the originally scheduled date. They had to wait for Clarkson to deliver her baby and recover before finding the closest re-scheduled date and push through with her performance, the report said.

Clarkson will be releasing a still untitled new album in 2015, according to Taste of Country.