Angela Bassett's character on "American Horror Story: Freak Show" was introduced in the second episode of the current installment of the FX anthology series. She is playing Desiree Dupree, a woman with "three titties, proper girl parts, and a ding-a-ling" (the character's own words).  And for the record, Bassett is wearing a prosthetic chest, and none of the three breasts that viewers are seeing is real.

"All of it's prosthetic," the 56-year-old actress told Cosmopolitan. "[But] I had the choice."

"I went to a prosthetic house somewhere in the Valley and they asked if I wanted them to make just one or did I want them to make all three," revealed the Oscar-nominated actress. And of course I opted for more. More is always better. If you can make them all symmetrical and standard, let's go for as good as we can get. As pretty as it can be."