Amanda Bynes Accused Of Shoplifting At Barneys; 'Easy A' Star Says The Incident Was A Misunderstanding

Amanda Bynes was reportedly caught shoplifting at Barneys on Madison Ave. in New York, Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 8.

The 28-year-old actress allegedly put on a $200 hat and attempted to walk out of the high-end store without paying, TMZ reported.

Sources told the celebrity gossip site that Bynes was nabbed by the store's security guards outside. And when she was brought back in, witnesses reportedly said that she was "acting crazy." 

Four NYPD officers reportedly arrived on scene only to find out that the store's security had already let her go.

These reports were later confirmed by an NYPD spokesperson, telling People: "Police responded to a petit larceny. Amanda Bynes placed a hat on her head and left the store. Security brought her back in and called the police, but the security decided to release her ... She was gone when the NYPD arrived on the scene."

The NYPD added that the Thousand Oaks, California-born actress signed a no-trespass affidavit that banned her from re-entering the high-end department store again. No charges were filed against the actress.

In a phone interview with People later that day, Bynes said that the shoplifting incident was just a misunderstanding.

"I was walking out of the store to get my handbag out of the car," she said. "I had been harassed by a man - a man and this woman were basically trying to take my picture inside the store, and so I asked them to stop taking it, but they wouldn't ... They were like paparazzi but undercover."

Bynes claimed that one of the security guards knew that she was walking out of the store and would be back, but that there was a miscommunication with another guard.

"I walked out of the store, and the sensor went off," she recalled. "I didn't realize I was wearing my cap. And the cap - I was purchasing it, and I was actually still shopping."

The actress, who rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s on the Nickelodeon series "All That" and "The Amanda Show," also confirmed to People that Barneys asked her not to re-enter the store ever again.

"I basically just had to leave," she said. "They said, 'Please, just don't shop at Barneys anymore.' But oh well. It's fine."

Bynes, who is rumored to have been engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend, stays in New York after her DUI arrest in California, AceShowbiz reported.

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