In celebration of the new hit reality series Nail'd It, we've been delivering manicure maintenance tips from Nail'd It judges Elaine Watson and Terrance Terry. These nail pros have been serving up some serious knowledge, schooling us on all things polish, nail shape, nail length and nail art. 

Ready for the last set of advice before you head to the nail salon? Check it out below:

Terrance, will nail art ever go out of style?

I feel that nail art will never go out of style, reason being social media, celebrities, mainstream media and pop culture have had such an influence on the nail art community, as well as fashion designers runway shows and DIY segments that show you how to create these looks at home on a budget.

Nails have become such an accessory that you have multiple options and choices that leave variety to the savvy fashionistas. Nail art is simply like makeup, hair extensions and anything that can embellish the appearance. We all like to embellish things so once again I feel that nail art is truly here to stay!

Any tried and true mani/pedi rules that most of us aren't following?

I always recommend to my clients to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is the key to a healthy long-term manicure and overall healthy condition of the cuticles and nailbed. I recommend using a quality cuticle oil that has a vitamin E And B5.

And always treat your nails like the precious gems that they are and not be so rough with them. Remember nails are not power tools. And a good moisturizing cream for your feet in between pedicure visits to your local salon will always keep those tootsies nice and soft and supple.

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