Rapid Fire Manicure Q&A: Nail'd It Reality Show Judge Terrance Terry Shares Fall 2014 Nail Trends, Best Celeb Manicures, & Nail Art Tips

So we have been bringing you the manicure 411 from the experts all this week and today is no different! This time around, we've tapped Oxygen's Nail'd It judge Terrance Terry to get his take on our next set of nail questions:

So Terrance, what makes a set of nails truly spectacular?

A set of nails is truly inspiring when the overall set complements the client's hands, and can increase the overall femininity of the fingers and elongate the nail bed.

Artwork designs and embellishments only add to the finished product. If you don't have a beautiful set, then your artwork will not look beautiful.

Which celebs are always making the most of their manicures?

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with many different people, however I enjoyed working with Mariah Carey because she is definitely a nail diva.

She always wears a very classic red or a pop of bling using a shimmer polish and she is familiar with at home maintenance and care, which can prolong her manicure. That is the part I love the most about her!

How can everyday women have fun with their nails, but still keep them functional and professional?

Most women can have fun with their nails while maintaining a professional manicured appearance with a classic neutral shade and may be one fun accent nail or party nail. Youc an also try adding simple embellishments that give it just the right amount of bling.

What are the top trends for Fall 2014 nails?

The top fall trends in nails for 2014 are dark deep vampy red's also referred to as ox blood, and I am starting to see a lot of two toned manicures such as black and white blue and light blue, or often referred to as tone on tone manicures.

Can't get enough of this nail-biting advice? We've got one more set of tips for ya tomorrow!

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