Loving yesterday's rapid fire manicure Q&A with Elaine Watson, Cuccio International's VP of Marketing and Sales and Global Education Director, and now reality TV Show Judge of the hit series Nail'd It

This gal has got an answer for every mani question we hit her with. Check out how she nailed the answers below!

So Elaine, what celebs have rocked the worst manicures you have ever seen?

It's not really even the worse manicures, it's more just lack thereof. I'm not going to be "THAT" girl and call someone out, however, I was shocked at what I saw (or didn't see at all) on some of the nails at the Emmys. Being at a red carpet event without your nails done is like baking a cake and forgetting the frosting- the best part!

What skill essentials will the winner of 'Nail'd It' have to have to be the champ?

Artistic vision. We really threw some outrageous requests at these competitors. You really have to think quick, come up with an artistic concept, and still have time to get it done before the clock runs out. Also being crafty with what they have to work with.

And how long is too long when it comes to nails? 

Yikes. I'm mixed on this. There are some shapes and styles that I find truly attractive very long. I think I'm OK with it when the overall appearance doesn't look like they had their nails done with concrete. Stay away from nails so long they start curving like claws. That's when the comments come out like "how do you go to the bathroom with those nails?"

The reality is, don't go beyond double your natural nail bed or you risk serious injury when you do break a nail. Think off a nail like a seesaw. When you have two kids sitting on a seesaw that are the same weight, you have balance. When one is heavier it tips in their direction. The nail is the same way. Too much length and the nail bed takes a beating.

Making any mani makeover changes based on Elaine's tips? Tell us with a note below!